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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by YJMalmsteen, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. I want to delete some of my old posts from old threads - just to tidy up my life - but cannot with some as they are in locked threads. Any way to do so?
  2. Contact the admin.
  3. Why bother deleting them? If you meant what you said at the time, you should be perfectly happy.
  4. ?
  5. Was going to ask the same thing, why bother? No one cares what you posted a few weeks ago and with a grand total of 22 posts can you have been all that very naughty that it must be deleted so that future generations are spared from reading it?
  6. Ah.... so we have another 'Combined Ex-Forces' Fuckwit in our ranks?
  7. I would have thought that would be the last thing a Muslim would do, ignorant or not.
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  8. Didn't a few of our recently departed get banned for posting vile, disgusting etc comments? Just saying like.
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  9. Has someone applied for a job and is now worried a search for his email on Google will turn up his ARRSE account? I doubt Mr Abdallah from Personnel will really mind.
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  10. Well, they'd have to be pretty damned ignorant, that's for sure. If one didn't know what a pig was, or much about Islam, and had been all on his tod for a reaaaaaaly long time, I suppose it's just about possible.

    I can't imagine it as a common phenomenon, certainly not common enough to be worth denouncing on the internet.
  11. Or their social worker has found out?
    And the big judge man said no more playing on the tinternet.
  12. Well done fellas - mainly I was asking as posting after a few wets should be banned! I just read through my posts and asked myself WTF I was on. I am happy to slag myself off here (and expected a grilling!) I am not in the job hunting arena, merely trying to wipe out my 'pissed-posting, talking like a dick' history!
  13. Be proud of your racist views. Making racist posts on the internet never got anyone into trouble.
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  14. Ah, so he's worried he's going to get arrested for posting virulently racist comments?

    WTF were you on? Oh, I'd say about 56 days going by current practice.
  15. Pissed posting? In Vino Veritas, What you see as the truth coming out.
    Pissed or not its racist and your true self coming through.
    Though I'm of the opinion you realize you could be in trouble like the twitter loon recently banged up and are trying to cover your tracks.
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