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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ultima, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Is it okay to do this?

    I have my BARB test this week but i need to get the address on my drivers licence changed (which you can do for free, shocked lol) and i had to pay 40 quid to get replacement SQA results, lost them a long time ago when moving house, stupid i know.

    Anyway would a recruiter delay my app? or for the likes of the SQA results, would they maybe tell me just to come in for my BARB and deal with the qualifications i put on the AFCO 4 as, 'yet to be seen' or something, like a school leaver?

  2. The application process can be as quick or as long as you wish, it's all down to you, the recruiter shouldn't have a problem with it.
  3. They let me show my quals before I went to selection. Think they put it down but then put needs to prove or something like that
  4. Cheers for letting me know, going to phone them anyway, cause the DVLA's licence renewal thing has been down since friday, so need to wait until tomorrow before i can apply for the address change, so it may only be a few days for my app to get delayed, unless they do the BARB once weekly, in which case it'll be a week.

    Ain't too bad, an extra week of getting to fitness standards lol
  5. If I remember correctly its once weekly but I booked a week off work and smashed most of it out in that week
  6. Aye, will defo be a week then, my passports out of date, and my drivers licence is pretty much main I.D but i don't have the paper part and it's my old address on it.

    I'm not doing too well :/
  7. Usually only about 2 people can sit the BARB per sitting, so to only have it once weekly wouldn't work, therefor you can take a BARB any day you wish providing there's space on the calendar
  8. Even better then, i'll phone tomorrow, explain the situation then let them know i'll phone as soon as my new licence arrives and hopefully i can just show the qualifications when they arrive and carry on with the rest !

  9. Good luck :)
  10. Well, just off the phone to the AFCO, explained the situation, guy seemed happy that i phoned instead of tipping up on Wed with feck all. Application is pending until i recieve everything, so a possible 2 - 3 weeks of waiting, which is crap but not much i can do.

    Only good thing is i get extra time to work on my fitness, which i can't argue with.