Delayed postings/posting ban

Hi all
I was due posting a while ago and have heard nothing i keep getting told you will find out next month well thats been going on since march so does any one know whats going on? Is there a posting ban ?
Cheers Blue


I don't know how the army works it but if i have any postng questions like where to go, how to apply and that, I just ring my trades desk as they are the people who put it the assignment order on JPA.

Has someone told you that are being posted or is it that you think your going to get posted becasue your due?
Daylightshrubbery- do you have a spare one for anywhere in the uk????? if so i'll take it :D

Greengarfield I am over due posting in fact been at current unit over four years now was supposed to be a 3 year posting turned into a 4 year due to op commitments now past the 4 year point an fed up its glasgow sayin let you know next month etc


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