Delayed posting

Picked up on the lcpl to cpl board on Thursday. Very happy.

Posting was due on 8th June, no sign yet.

Is it normal for an AO to be delayed if you are put forward to the board? If so, is there a way to find out what is happening with postings? For example - will there be a postings plot for REME cpls? The sgt above me isn't due to leave the unit until January but already has his AO. I'm due to be out of the next month.

Any experience on this would help.

Okimato will be a good one to chat with if you can't speak with your CofC....keep an eye out on JPA though as Assignments go straight on there and round this time of the year you might not have too many people working in MCM.....I have seen a couple of Full Screws get picked up and stay in the same unit starting their tour again..........If nothing on JPA after block leave then just get your boss to give them a bell.
The last time I had a posting come through on JPA from MCM they were sending me to HMS Astute. I had two months left before I was out and unfortunately my OC decided to give MCM a call to cancel it. I was looking forward to tipping up and asking where they wanted me, and not in a Jarrod kind of way.
Cheers guys. It's a bit of an odd one with my posting already being overdue and there's no scope to promote in post. The unit has had a sgt, lcpl and cfn forever and a day. the sgt is already on orders, a new lcpl arrived last monday soooooooooooooooooooo you tell me!

I've submitted a PPP to Glasgow but getting my CofC to find anything out for me is like getting blood out of a stone! My sgt told me not to complete a PPP but to wait and see if I picked up. Then I saw a posting I really wanted and Glasgow advised me that I ought to have had a PPP in long before now (2 weeks ago) Am I being ill advised?

I'm really ready to move!!!

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