OK just completed a full 6 month tour in the Sunni / Shi-ite place, at the end of March our Op Bonus was paid in up to that point (old rate).

We were told the rest of it would be payed in at the new rate the following month. May has now been and gone, and guess what - on June's payslip, no Op Allowance!!

As we have all now gone on POTL, l know a lot of blokes would be expecting the bonus this month, so is it a genuine issue or is just our Clerks are a bunch of lazy f***ers who can't be bothered to chase it up?

Genuine answers please, as l don't think this is right and before l go and smash up our high pay band Clerks office :? , l need to have the facts!

I know when l got back from T10, our Op Bonus was in within a matter of days, and we were not mugged of with 'its on the end of the month roll..'
yes, they are about as helpful as a dose of herpes, hence my question is that is it just they can't be arsed to chase it up because they are too busy doing each others fingernails, or is it an issue at the pay platz?
Did your Coy/Sqn Clerk deploy with you??? If so he/she is probably on there hard earned POTL like the rest of you and it may not be done. Being a clerk and deployed on OPT 11 we had sort of the same issue on our return as it happened over the new Tax year and pay rises. It was down for our Rear Party MONGS to sort over POTL, but as usual they never (hence why they are Rear Party) and I got some undeserved incoming on return from POTL.

I would keep your powder dry until you speak to your Coy Clk amigo and find out the facts, then thrash a Rear Party clerk at the next Sqn Do!! Hope this helps!
Or the other one that I've seen, is the G1 cell (whatever they call themselves) say they will do it for EVERYONE in theatre using the Flight manifests and tell the HR at both ends not to touch.

I know it's hard, but try not to assume straight away that it's your clerk that has fooked up. There are plenty of terrible clerks out there that out rank him. :)
Still waiting for mine and i got back middle of march. My pay clerk was waiting to see if it was done automatically.... as if. Am now in another sandy place so can't thrash them.... yet

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