Delayed medical questionnaire :(

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I got handed my medical questionnaire immediately after the BARB test, sent it to my doctor who has passed it on.
After about three weeks I phone up to discover that in order to get a response I have to authorise the release of a medical I did in a past Marine application I did two years ago.

There was nothing wrong with that medical. I turned down the application in the end realising that the Royal Marines might not be the best thing for me.

Anyway I sign the form and nothing happens for another three weeks so I phone again. It turns out that my recruiter is away for one month on a training course.
Another three weeks goes by and my recruiter is back and he picks up the phone and tells me that he sent the letter ( I think the form that I signed) last week and that phone call was a week ago so it's already been another two weeks.
It has thus been 8 weeks of waiting and I am concerned that absolutely nothing will happen and I simply won't get into the army because I am never going to get a response!!!

Aside from that I'm stuck here thinking that it's just one more week every week bored out of my mind, in a timescale where I could have just got a temporary job!

If anybody can give me an idea on why everything is takking so :twisted: F*U*C*K*ING Long :twisted: and when I can expect to move on to the interview it would be deeply appreciated.
Ive been waiting since 1st of april to get to the stage of going to selection, so dont get too wound up.
yepp i've been waiting since the start of june, and i aint anywhare near getting a date for adsc : ( owh well! it'll be worth the wait, is fustrating though, so ******* bored nocking about the house when i'm not at work, which is part time : (
3 months? Oh yeh i can imagine you being very bored, coming towards 5.5 months for me!
geordie_g said:
Ive been waiting since 1st of april to get to the stage of going to selection, so dont get too wound up.
You do realise that they may not have actually handed you a questionnaire but instead an April fool's replica.

But seriously 5.5 months the advice I've seen says two to six weeks.
I would if I was you make an effort to find out what's gone wrong because that is an unacceptable amount of time.
There was much backwards and forwards with me sending medical things up to them, and they were requesting more and more.
My first steps into mylocal Careers Office was October 2007.
I had first ADSC on February 4th 2008.
So from researching Jobs to Selection took me around 4 months.

But i only had my second ADSC date in August due to Medical blunders.
I was handed my medical forms mid august and im still waiting for my medical notes to be sent back to my gp as for some unknown reason they wernt at my gps office. So i have to wait for them before the doc can sign my form. :(

On the brighter side of things at least Im invited to Bramcote on the 30th Sept for some Pre Selection Development Training while waiting for my medical papers to be completed, so Im even more prepaired to selection.
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