Delayed firing instructions

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Have received a request from the Historic Enquiry Team of PSNI. They have a statement re shooting of a civilian by Army in 1971 that includes reference to "delayed firing instructions". Their suggestion is that it is in some way related to Yellow Card and ask if I can explain
    I have never heard the phrase - not that that means a lot - and the idea of delay does not accord with intent of YC. Clegg was example of a delay with his 4th shot.
    Anyone here know anything about concept of Delayed Firing Instruction? It is already in public domain so no PSEC etc involvement.
  2. Had found that and interpreted it to refer to training - cadets, ranges etc. The phrase is apparently in a SIB statement taken following soldier having shot an IRA sniper and PSNI team have associated the term with the Yellow Card.
    Thanks for confirming my ability to undertake Google searches though!
  3. Not sure what it would have to do with the yellow card, but a delayed FCO refers to a commander giving a partial order, but delaying the command to fire. It doesn't refer specifically to training, and could be applied in this situation if, for example, the commander wanted confirmation that the target was a sniper before giving the command to fire.
  4. like so?

    "Target, sniper, my 12 o'clock, 300 yards. Wait Out!"
  5. Tks for interest guys. My/our problem is that I and my guys
    were fairly busy in NI 70-72 and the circs of last 2 posters did not
    come to our knowledge in connection with a shooting under
    Yellow Card incident.
    Looks as it will have to be added to other NI 'mysteries' unless anyone
    can come up with a specific instance.
  6. From 1971? That's some delay.
  7. Came from the Historic Enquiry Team. They only investigate 'long ago' stuff. Oldest one they have asked for help on was Aug 1970. Mostly retired Met etc. officers with just a few ex-RUC. Keen and fun to work with blokes of that generation with little of today's PC concerns.
  8. How reliable are people's memories after this length of time? Or do they rely on documentry evidence,news reels etc?
  9. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    My memories of that period are sharp and accurate. I can recall every moment of the briefing and deployemen for the internment arrests.
    However, I can't remember what I had for supper last night!
  10. OF & H I have that self same recall but I cannot remember if I had supper last night never mind what it was. The bit I liked was when they blew the big hole in the wall of Crumlin Road prison without having told the Governor or staff.
    Working with HET shows that recall is quite sharp in most people. Given one or two bits, people can dig back and remember what happened next. Not a lot of video etc from those days is used in case it sets off a wrong recall
  11. They're not referring to "Watch and shoot", by any chance?
  12. If you're not standing in front of me, how do I know where your 12 o'clock is? If you are standing in front of me whilst giving me a fire order, you'd best hope I can shoot straight ...
  13. Kind of off topic, but this is an example of a shite FCO.

    For info of the other poster, "Watch and shoot" is an Individual FCO, not Delayed. This is because the onus of whether to fire or not is on the Individual.

    A Delayed FCO is ended with "await my command" instead of saying "Fire". The commander can then simply issue the command "Fire" at the opportune moment whilst the Section already have their weapons to bear on the intended target.

    That's enough BS from me sorry.
  14. It was the VP that threw me, but a quick search shows 'neil' to be a young AAC applicant.