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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pawperso, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone explain to me what the implications are, or under what circumstances would you request a delayed confidential ? Thanks.
  2. your CR can be delayed or advanced by 3 months either side of the due date. it's quite common and there could be any number of legitimate reasons e.g. you've not been in a unit long enough for them to write a fair CR on you.

    shouldn't affect promotion or anything - the deadlines are all designed so that 3 month delayed CRs still have (i think) a month to get to Glasgow before your relevant board sits. i've had several advanced / delayed CRs - there's nothing sinister in it.
  3. Its a bit of an imbuggerance thats all. CR is right, there is nothing sinister, in fact it gives you a fair crack of the whip. So sit back and drink port, thats my advice!
  4. Brad, I meant poorperson, PM me with details and I will try and help.

    I am helpful sometimes. Honest.

    DigitalGeek said:

    No its not, its the difference between getting on the board or not

    CR said:

    Complete Boll ocks. Fight me for it.....

    There are lots of reasons. Paw, PM me. You might get more sense than ""drink more port".

    I have more to say, but X Factor is on.
  5. care to explain that comment?
  6. be happy you are getting one i still have not had mine & it was due 4 months ago, lucky that i do not have a career to worry about. :x :x :x :x
  7. still waiting for an explanation dale.
  8. It is very soldiers duty to take ownership of his CR, after all it is your career, if your CR is late or you think its late you should be asking your admin staff to chase it up, reasons it may be delayed are: posting, promotion, OP tours, new management etc the list goes on, the only time to worry is if it misses a board, even this is not such a big problem as MCM Div will sit a special board just for you

    Hope this helps
  9. Check your PMs. Its the usual way of getting messages to each other on here, unless you are in chat of course, which you never are.

    Sgt_Pepper said:
    Edited to add: Wish I was in the same Army as Sgt_Pepper.
  10. ACR must be complete within the given time lines that QRs and AGAI make vary clear. If your CR is in-between postings then there is scope for some time delay, but not Three months. You are responsible for bring this issue to your Cof C. request an interview on the subject and write notes of the interview. If you have been disadvantaged due to sloppy management then you will need to redress and provide evidence that you attempted to resolve the matter informally. If you wish to PM me with more details, I would be clad to help out

    Good luck :wink:
  11. A "delayed" CR is not the same thing as a "late" CR. A CR is Delayed when your report writer has made specific application to APC to have your reporting period extended - this delay will be negotiated with APC to ensure that it is long enough to achieve the objectives of your report writer without creating career implications for yourself.

    A late CR is a matter of serious management failure and one that can mean name-loss for your 1RO, but which you should nevertheless be making noises about because the career implications are yours to bear.