delayed 5th Nov bonfire night

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. Sam_Fisher

    Sam_Fisher Old-Salt

    "What did you say Boss, set fire to me tent, then run out of the tent, then attempt to put the fire out. What about the rover thats attached to the tent boss"
    All the fum of the fair whilst on your B2 Sigs course.
    Big insurance claim coming as well I suppose.
    " So Sgt, how can you explain the fact that you had a 42 inch Plasma screen tv on exercise with you"
    Someone has to put the pictures on the site.
    By the way how is CO 4 going to go on exercise.
  2. On horse back?
  3. madmax

    madmax Clanker

    saw the photo.......quality!!! how did it happen?
  4. Muttley

    Muttley War Hero

    Could the rest of us possibly share a look at the photo?
  5. the-greyman

    the-greyman Swinger

    thanks to 3 regt we can have bonfire night later on in the month of november!

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  6. cloudbuster

    cloudbuster Guest

    Nicely done to a crisp.

    Good to see that c0cking things up has not gone out of fashion.
  7. Muttley

    Muttley War Hero

    Flash, I think it goes something like this...

    Bloke picks up heater in 9 x 9 to move it. Fuel tank falls off heater and tent goes up in flames. All personnel evacuate tent. Then realise that the sigs rover is now likely to go up in flames too. Attempt to move rover but get caught in cam net. Abandon L/R and hence its no longer seviceable. Think a few weapons and stuff may have also gone up in smoke.

    At least there were no bodies in this incident, which is a plus.
  8. Outstanding, I onyl pray the OC had left his bergan and Nav bag in the CP :D

    Hows about a gallery of burning equipment?

    Bowser anyone?
  9. back left and spare wheels look serviceable though at 1st glance :wink:
  10. seppi

    seppi Clanker

    Maybe the driver should have a look at these wise wordsREAD AND LEARN
  11. Slavetothegrind

    Slavetothegrind Swinger

    65% of these fires are started deliberately to cover criminal activity, to make a fraudulent insurance claim or as an act of vandalism

    -Seppi I see where you are coming from, now where was my GPS?

    Spare wheel and signal things at front seem ok maybe get a bob or two for them on ebay? doesnt look too bad for a hard top landrover, the one with the dildo on the roof.
  12. Famous last words from the Exercise DS, "Right, tasks for tonight, make sure you keep a listening watch on all the nets, oh and keep yourself warm......."

    Almost as good as your insurance claim after Telic 1, eh Sam.......
  13. Did he claim for a really big pair of Glasses? Thicker than a space telescope and wider than a set of French doors? :D
  14. littlejonny

    littlejonny Clanker

    Can't believe the Jack bastards did this out in the field when there's Soldiers freezing in the HAS's at Wattisham! How bloody irresponsible is that?



  15. well they do say, go MT and stag on in the wet, go signals and sit in the warm next to your half million pound CP going up in smoke.... :D