Delay in Pay

I am a Group B 2Lt in a UOTC. I commissioned during the Summer 05. Prior to that I was an OCdt for around 18 months.

It initially took around 3 months (until October or November 05) for me to receive my commission/gazette. When this happened I gave my bank/personal details to my admin office, so they could forward them up to Glasgow.

Come mid December I had not received any pay (from October, November and December). The anwer from my admin office was that Glasgow claims to not have received any information from me. This information was then sent, via fax and by post.

I checked again with my pay office in early January and they have said yet again that Glasgow are claiming to have not received it.

1 Am I able to receive back pay for any training days I did post-commissioning course, but pre-gazetting?
2 Have I got grounds to complain? Who to, and what effect/benefit might it give me?
3 Presuming the paperwork gets sorted out, I will be owed around £2000. Since I shall be receiving this in a one lump sum, rather than spread out over 4 or so months will the National Insurance contribution be sky-high? If this does happen can this be claimed back, since for some of the months I will have probably earned less than the contribution threshold. I presume that the same will also apply for the tax, since they will only tax a months pay if it is over a certain limit (although I am not sure what that limit is).

Many thanks to those who are able to assist me.


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