Delay in AGAI/Summary Dealing?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Tubbyboy, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Don't really want to go into details of the particular case, but is there any limit on how long it should take between an offence being discovered and the soldier being informed that AGAI/Summary dealing is taking place against them?

    I seem to remember something about being warned for orders before a certain length of time...

    Also, if action has already been taken (e.g. dirty jobs given out), can further action be taken?


  2. First question, it should be pretty instantaneous upon discovery.

    Second question, no once other action has been taken then it's case closed, so to speak can't do the poor little mite twice....however if the dirty job hasn't been completed to your satisfaction :twisted:
  3. Ah, CV again, I seem to remember some fairly useless pensions advice. I don't wish to fall out but perhaps you could quote your sources.
  4. The source was fairly local, the AGAI briefing that was given to all local commanders by the unit. This was their guidelines, plus the cold hard facts of watching a few of the more junior guys incorrectly use the AGAI and have the awards quashed once it had gone to review. You can't source life experience.....Now stop stalking me
  5. Once you two have stopped flirting :evil:

    Could anyone else give their opinion?
  6. look at the mod website, go to serving soldier and the AGAI process is on there. I am fairly certain that tye re is no time limit as such, they can wait as long as they want to do you. The AGAI system is designed to reduce the time taken for admin action to be given, but I don't think they have to do you straight away.

    As for dirty jobs etc. if it's not on the AGAI sheet you sign the dirty job wasn't for the misdemeanour. You should only get a restorative admin action that fits the short fall you displayed, i.e if you're a fat knacker you should be given extra PT, If you were a scruffy git, you could get additional parades in varying forms of dress.
  7. AGAI sheet? What's one of them then? Seriously. In my unit, if you fuck up, you get a dirty job and no mention of AGAI, that is why I'm a bit puzzled by the whole process...
  8. You are allowed 22 years to hold a grudge, but don't delay, fist to the chest, ahh the old days.......
  9. I'm surprised Anybar, as DE 453F covers it precisely. If the culprit can prove that a minor wasn't involved then he's in the clear. Otherwise it's a "B" category "hostel" for sure and I don't recommend Lincoln.
  10. Two posts on the same board is hardly stalking. Whoops' three now, maybe I am.
  11. There is no "time limit" for AGAI action, although if it is allowed to drag on unnecessarily then you would have grounds for redress. When an individual submits a complaint under AGAI 70, the CoC has 30 days to action the complaint, so a similar timeline should be applied to AGAI 67.

    Strictly speaking, there is no time limit on Summary Dealing. However, if more than 30 days has elapsed between charging and sentence, PS2(A) will generally submit an automatic appeal on the soldier's behalf on the basis of some letter somewhere (I once saw a copy and asked how a Routine Letter from DPSA - for it was he - could supercede the Army Act, but no answer was forthcoming). Be aware, though, that units may submit an explanation for any delay, which should be accompanied by a case diary, which will be taken into account before an appeal is submitted and which will also be considered by the Summary Appeals Court should it get that far. Obviously, where a serious offence has been committed, the principles of natural justice won't allow the scallies to get away with it just because things took a bit longer than usual. But still, investigation must be conducted expeditiously or grounds exist for an appeal.

  12. ha! in a perfect world. mine is currently 130 working days and counting... still not had a ruling from even formation HQ.
  13. Tubby boy,
    Once the Admin Action has been decided on by the bloke doing you, he should fill out Annex C (I think). He and you sign it and you can elect to have the action reviewed by a WO2 (minimum). If you choose the review, the admin action can be decreased or stopped.
    You really shouldn't be getting extras, show parades, work parades etc. without AGAI 67 action, it's there to protect the bloke dishing out the action as well as the culprit. (Ideal world I know!)
  14. Cheers, I didn't know about the review process, I'll bear that in mind.