Delay Entry for Maters Degree?

Hi, I was hoping someone could shed some light on a problem I have. I'm 23, 24 in a month. I would like to join the army as an officer and I am currently am awaiting a date for briefing. I have always intended on joining the army after graduation but I have an offer to do a masters degree in nuclear decommissioning and I am in two minds go back to uni and join after completion of my masters. (I chose to do the masters purely out of interest as its an extension of my dissertation)

I'm probably putting too much emphasis on age here but I will likely be in either the Sept 2014 or Jan 2015 entry at the age of 25 (I'm aware that the age limit is 26 for standard entry). This puts me at the upper age bracket, but I'm worried that this would put me at a disadvantage in terms of selection as I'm looking at either RE or RA.

And your Mum?

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A little bit cheeky using one's mater's degree to gain entrance to Camberley grammar.......
Touché. If I said I had a sticky keyboard would you believe me?

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Don't worry, a sticky keyboard is something that many arrsers suffer from. If you must watch on-line porn, get a wipe clean keyboard or use a tablet. To help our research, perhaps you could post some pictures of your mater, no flange though?
I don't think a masters will hurt you age-wise as I assume it's a 1 year taught masters however is there an option of holding off and doing it distance learning at all? I put my masters off to join however am being part funded distance learning as it doesn't really have much relevance to my job. I think you really need to decide how important it is to your chosen career and possibly any future ones. It certainly sounds a post-grad degree that may well open many doors in the future however how does it pertain to the immediate requirements of commissioning into RA / RE? That's often the bottom line.

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