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Delay = Boredom


What's with all these sandy coloured vehicles bunging up the A303 this morning?

Is there an exercise starting in Weymouth?


Book Reviewer
Well, what were they, then?  Probably old Chieftains that we're selling to someone just in time to be used against us, I suppose?


No, these were landrovers with stickers on advertising Dettol.  Or do 3 Cdo Bde's vehicles have to do the Commando course as well?

Mr Happy

I heard all those Guards and Cav chaps have had to come back from their seasonal skiing.  How annoyed must they be!

Has anybody noticed that the Tory Graph today has noted just how hard our mates the booties are.  To you and I the photo that appeared was that of a convoy of 8 Tonners and Wolf LRovers.  However, if you are the Defence Correspondent of said broadsheet the mere fact that have put a Dagger on the side of the vehicles makes them "Armoured Vehicles" on thier way to the gulf.

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