Deja Vu all over again- 80s flashback

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rocketeer, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. Trust the accountants that run Hollywood to dust off some tripe and try to feed it to the masses as ' nostalgia' and 'retro '.. Geriatric heroes for the new Millenium!!

    Yup its Sequel Time:

    Stallone is pushing 60 but he's still got his chops [ and probably a load of debt so he's taking a gamble on getting back in the good books ]

    Rocky Ressurection or something.. Geezer Rock takes on a young punk and beats him up to the same old tune..

    then Sly comes back with a' new' Rambo!!.. ' retired' Viet Vet Rambo leads a crack team into Burma to rescue Aid Workers held by the slimy Myannmar Junta.. mayhem prevails.. Wonder if they can up the Guinness Book of Records bodycount for most violence and death extablished by his last Rambo flick.. 200+ incidents of violence and 108 deaths in the course of the flick.

    Not to outdone Brucie returns with another Die Hard adventure.. Yippie Ki Yaeh Mother f** stuff blows up real good.

    and , fianlly... Indiana Jones and the Secret of Viagra is coming out.. Yup Harrison Ford is putting away the walker and donning the leather jacket and fedora for another go round..

    , I've heard rumours that they're trying to resucitate Jean Fraud Van Damme as well...

    can't wait.. pass the low cal, trans fat free popcorn and don't stint on the edible oil butter-flavoured substitute toppings...
  2. I wonder if the next Rambo movie will be dedicated to the same people as the third one:

    " The Courageous mujaheddin of Afghanistan"
  3. In Airplane II (the futuristic space shuttle one made in 1982) wasn't the in flight film "Rocky 37"?

    Ex STAB