degrees, languages... only for int corps?

Is it possible for one to do a language degree in the int corps as an inservice degree. I know all other reg/corps only allow technical degrees.

queation 2: How easy is it for one to apply to do arabic at beaconsfield? 1st chance lucky or is it fairly difficult to get the opportunity?

Any debate would be good...
I think they're crying out for Arabic speakers at the moment so it should be quite easy.

Think it would be at Chicksands though and not Beaconsfield.
All BGs thast deploy to Iraq send people on the Arabic Colloqiual Course - about 12 weeks long. I suspect that the people that the course produces would be the first to deny they're 'colloqiual' but it's a good start. :D


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Guys from my tour who did the longer arabic course and applied themselves during the deployment came back pretty fluent. The interps over there are very keen to assist, and the locals like nothing more than engaging you in conversation - apart from engaging you with an RPG of course. :wink:
Yes Napier, I recall a few of those two way kenetic exchanges of ideas and cultures. Seems we spoke that particular language a little beeter than they did.
Don't know what cap badge you are shudder, but if you are that keen to do the language, why not transfer to the Int Corps. Opportunities for language orientated people are expanding dramatically and will be a very interesteing and worthwhile job. The Corps is expanding by over a third over the next few years so you will probably be welcomed with open arms, providing you meet the criterea. PM me if you are interested and want more details.


All army language training bumf is AGAI Vol 2 Chap 21. Essentially if there is an operational need for you to do a lang course then you will be given the chance. Why not increase your chances by talking to your local Education centre. They can arrange for you to do the Modern Language Aptitude test (MLAT) and the result can be sent to your desk officer in Glasgow. the nearest you might get to an in service lang degree is that some of the more esoteric languages are taught at civvy uni and you can spend 18 months taking the p1ss out of student wasters in the union and using your student ID to get cheap software etc (oh and learn a language too).

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