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Degrees in the Army

evening all.

Right now I have looked around, but can't find anything quite matching what I'm searching for.

In the Army, I'm under the impression you get an annual education allowance or something like that - question is (a, is it true?:)) and b; is it to be used on any courses?

So if I wanted to do a degree that wasn't going to benefit the Army (media studies for example, not that I would do that subject), would I be able to take it out of the allowance?

fairmaidofperth said:
How about a course on misuse of possessive apostrophes?
Yeah I could do with one
heh, none taken, you're right :thumright:

thanks for the link drain_sniffer :)
I would give it at least a couple of years once you have got through your basc and phase 2 training before you start looking at extra curriculum courses. Concentrate learning the job and if your trade related get through to your class 2 course and soldiering skills before you take on extra burdens like a course.

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