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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by speckygeek, Nov 28, 2005.

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  1. Is it worth going for a degree whilst serving (still got a fair few years left) or will it just be a waste of time.
  2. I'm doing mine via OU. I reckon its worth getting. Increases your employability afterwards...

  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    What you studying Ghost?
  4. Saw the Three Degrees at The Mess XMas do in Blandford a few years back. Mind you, there was only one original degree and sadly not the one with the large jubblies.....
  5. Pretty much a bit of what suits me, to be honest. There is not a specific "titled" degree in Comms management, so am making it up as I go!!

    Am concentrating on the Maths and Engineering modules...
  6. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Nice one, I've just finished the Social Sciences foundation course and starting on Exploring Psychology. Can't believe what I've let myself in for. How are you finding it?
  7. It works well for me, as I like working at my own speed. I get rid of the CMA's quite quickly, and the TMA's then get done as and when I get time....

    My tutor is absolutely spot on - I couldn't ask for better. Only thing was finding time to go to the tutorials is quite difficult :D But having said that, their on-line support is pretty good anyway.

    Good luck with your course, mate. At least I am stimulating my grey matter with something that interests me. Thats the way I look at it.
  8. Stimulating something Ghost!!! Next necessarily the Grey Matter :lol:
  9. REPLY: Go for it.

    My bro-in-law did an education degree with Southampton Uni whilst in RAMC (retired as WO1): without doubt it helped him get his present job as a training manager with a medical company.

    My school has hosted an OU history grad (serving Lt Col) doing teacher training in preparation for when he leaves the Army, and we employ a number of ex military who did degrees in-service, including our IT manager (ex R Sigs). Contrary to received opinion, the education world, in general, likes ex military - reliable self-starters, good team players with an excellent work ethic - and I've yet to come across one who had serious problems with maintenance of classroom discipline etc - a BIG plus! If your degree is in maths, sci/ technology/ IT then you'll be like gold dust to a lot of state schools. Another shortage area is foreign languages - not only is there a desperate shortage of qualified teachers, but most schools would love to recruit male language teachers, although - of course - no-one is allowed to say that openly!

    Generally, employers are very impressed by people who have got degrees whilst working (demos a lot of commitment, self-discipline, good time management etc), and whilst other factors are always going to come into the equation (relevant experience, general quality of application, performance at interview/ selection tests etc, and whether or not they like you!), having a degree certainly isn't going to do you any harm. Also bear in mind that a lot of managerial positions these days are primarily geared to graduate entrance - not necessarily a good thing IMO, but that's the world we live in. So, I say do it if you can, especially if you can get the system to cover some of the costs.

    Final note, doing a degree can also be helpful in "civilianizing" yourself - getting used to the ways/ norms of civvy street through contact with other students etc.. I'm not being patronising here - my brother, for example, found his first year out after 24 years in the infantry a bit of a culture shock: he had to learn, and damned quickly, that a lot of things that he regarded as simply "a laugh" went down like a fart in a spacesuit in the world outside the Army.

    Best wishes,

  10. Well worth it-I did my OU degree whilst in and it has helped immeasurably. It looks great to an employer and will enhance your CV.
  11. I am planning to do a BSc (Hons) Business IT

    Next question. Does my ELC amount increase from its currnent £1000 at the 8 year point or 8 years after being accepted for ELC or was that just a duty rumour.

    Also has any one used RDI to study for a degree, if so are they any good and can I use my ELC with them.

    Cheers again
  12. The 8 grand is from 1 April 2008. Everyone has the same qualifying date from 2000 even if they joined up a day before that or 10 years before that.

    I fully recommend the OU-I aim to have 2/3's of my degree completed by this time next year as I'm going to squeeze in the NVQ Level 4 in Management as that counts as 60 points towards your degree.
  13. Go for it specky, it will look good on the CV, improve your employment prospects, and definetly a requirement for the more senior positions especially in the comms companies. Good luck. BTW Any qualification in H&S and or training can be one hell of a bonus. Good luck.
  14. All the above advice is good and relevant, but don't overlook the subtleties: After god knows how long in the service, your brain could probably do with getting off the shelf, dusting off, starting up and being given a good first works :lol:
    Do it, you'll enjoy it and it will expand your mind (as well as the more cynical CV material argument).
  15. Yes it is - I did OU for about 5 years before I left. The FofS course was worth 2.5 credits towards a BSc