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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Bartlett1, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. Hello!

    Looking around on the RAF website I saw that they offered Officers the chance to earn a degree. Does this also apply to officers in the In the Army? Just finished A-levels, want to join the forces as soon as I can (as an officer...) and in this changing world its become apparent that you do need a degree to really do anything after the forces... so is this at all possible?
  2. There is scope to take time out from your job to go to uni to do a degree, but competition is fierce and so there are restrictions on who can go where to do what. You'd probably be limited to the DTUS universities, and would be involved with DTUS as an In-Service Degree Officer (ISDO).

    There's always the Open University, but personally I'd advise you to rein in the enthusiasm of youth and go to uni before you join. A little bit of life experience goes a long way, and there's DTUS, the TA and the OTC there to give you some green experience whilst you study.
  3. I agree with Bravo_Zulu; go for the degree first.

  4. Does completing Sandhurst not count towards an Open Uni degree in Management, or did I just make that one up?

    Cant remember where I read that one so im not sure its true.
  5. Even if it did (and I don’t think it does), it would only count towards a very small percentage of a degree. An OU degree typically takes around six years to get.

    I agree with the other posters; get a degree first, and perhaps consider the TA or similar while studying (hard, but it can be done).
  6. RMAS doesn't count to a degree as such.

    Although bear in mind that there are a fair few Unis out there giving points out for attendance of J/S/WOCLM promotion courses for JNCOs, SNCOs and WOs. So a Uni asking for "experience" may count RMAS and maybe the STA course taken by a YO as "experience in management or leadership".... obviously anything the YO does in his first Plt/Tp counts against this :D

    As for degrees.

    Use your Pre-RMAS/Degree intelligence to search for the myriad of threads on this very subject. There is plenty of info and views on when and what to take. OTC or TA, gap year etc.