One Winter's day a young girl and her mother were working in a farm field pulling vegetables and the girl's hands were freezing. She complained to her Mum who said "If they are cold stick them between your legs and they'll soon warm up. And, sure enough, they did.

The next day the girl was working in the fields and the local lad was helping out. His hands were frozen and when he complained the girl said "Stick them between my legs - they'll soon warm up - and they did!

The following day the lad was working in the fields and complained that his nose was falling off his face, it was so cold. So the young girl said "Stick your nose between my legs, it will soon warm up - and it did!

On the third day the lad approached the girl and complained that his penis was frozen solid. The girl invited him to stick it between her legs - and he did.

Later that day - at dinner - the girl said to her Mum, "Mum, what's a penis?" Mum said "Why do you ask?" and the girl replied "I just wondered - I found out today that it gets really messy when it defrosts!"
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