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I am reserarching my Grandfathers war service (1 Bn Border Regt) and am looking for the best book on Arnhem (MARKET as opposed to GARDEN) to put his action in perspective. I already know a reasonalble amount but need greater depth.

Since there are so many books out there I need some suggestions. Ideally a book covering 1 Air-Landing Brigade would be best, but just the Airborne battle from the British perspective.

I already have a few books on the Border Regt (When Dragons Flew, etc) but any other suggestions would be welcome.

As he's doubtless too modest to recommend it himself, how about Arrse's 'own' William F. Buckingham Arnhem 1944? The Market Garden thread on this forum I thought was superb with some top-notch contributors and contributions. Come to think of it, you probably don't need a book, it's all on arrse....
I would like to recommend my book 'The Holland Patch' but that is just about the Staffords at Arnhem, and is sadly no longer in print, though copies appear on E-Bay now and again. Though i do have copies on disc somewhere in the house?

However if i can help drop me a PM, see 2 Arnhem authors :)


seem to recall reading one called a bridge too far by cornelius ryan, but don't know if it's what you're after.

donald burgett's second book in his series ("arnhem"?) is very good, but from the perspective of the 101st airborne. but he does talk about the brits and the strategic perspective / fuckups.
Well, if anyone wants a copy of my book 'The Holland Patch' its available on E-Bay number 200091432321 Wish id had more printed at the price it is going for, i could have retired to Spain!!! :highfive:

As the author im obviously biased but well at that price id say someone has a screw loose.


1st Battalion
The Border Regt.
17th September-26th September 1944

Author Alan T. Green

ISBN 0 9517644 0 3

This book should just about cover it, be warned though, my second hand copy cost £15.oo and I have not seen another one.

Hope it helps.

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