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definitive answer on age limit please?

I have applied to join the RSDG and recieved a deferment on medical grounds. he deferal period will be over on december the 1st which while not too far away, would put me only 2 months shy of my 32nd birthday. My recruiter is adamant that the upper age limit is 32 and I have no reason to question him or his knowledge at all, except the army website which clearly states 33.


the deferment has kind of kicked me in the balls and although the recruiter has said there is a slight chance of getting in before the limit is breached, reading here and elsewhere it looks like a long shot. the extra year the website seems to be saying would be a god-send but obviously I cant pin my hopes on it because of what the recruiter is saying. Can anyone shed a little light on it please? Thank you in advance.

edit, linked wrong job
Well, I turn 32 towards the end of this month and my start date at Bassingbourn is 19th June, so my recruiter made a small mistake. I couldnt be happier. Managed an A at Glencorse so will be going to my first choice, RSDG.

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