Definitions of ACFT and ICFT

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by chainsaw321, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. What does a ACFT and a ICFT consist of??
  2. Absolute Complete F*cking Toss

    I Concur F*cking Toss
  3. ACFT Aircraft
    ACFT Army Cadet Fitness Test (Canada)
    ACFT Advanced Computer Forensics Techniques
    ACFT Antarctic Confederation of Federal Territories (fictional country related to stamp collecting)
    ACFT Abelian Class Field Theory (mathematics)
    ACFT Advanced Combat Fitness Test (British Army)
    ACFT Aviation Procurement, Army
    ACFT Air Cadet Fitness Test (Canada)
  4. Ok. Advanced Combat Fitness Test & Infantry Combat Fitness Test. What do they actually consist of??, (ive heard the the acft is 2 days)
  5. Yes it is. It's still 8 miles but it's for the RAF. They have 2 days to complete it in.
  6. Yes I've heard that too and if they don't pass in the 2 days then they do the ICFT (In Case of Fail Test)