Definition of Leadership

Can anyone remember this from there LBDR / BDR Leadership courses.

I need it for a training course I am doing in civy strasse,

I don't know about the official Royal Regiment of Artillery one, but I have frequently fallen back on "Leadership is getting somebody to do what you want them to do, because they think they want to do it".

Plus bagpipes, and having hot tea on the objective helps too.
Leadership is getting your subordinates to do something they do not wish to, or may not ordinarily do.

If you can achieve this with good will and maintain morale, then it is good leadership (there is a difference!)


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Leadership is essentially a service to the led. Quoting second-hand from a 1960s USMC Commanding General, asked the question, he replied after a puzzled pause 'I guess you look after them, and they look after you.'
nobody in my Regt can seem to rememeber what its all about, Capt & above worst for it and certain WO's, and no one gives a sh1t !

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