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Definition of Field Conditions

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ewan2000, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi All

    Not looking for - with Ref to Field Conditions (lots of in 752/754) I'm actually trying to find the Definition of Field Conditions written down somewhere.

    Would appreciate a pointer from someone :D
  2. Anyone??????
  3. Its ok I have found it in RAAC Chapter 1
  4. Just out of interest, what did it say?
  5. 01.105 Field or Shipboard Conditions.Field Conditionsmay apply to accommodation or to food or to both, in accordance with the following provisions (for further details, see Chapter 17). The application of Field/Shipboard Conditions on each day is based on the situation at 0300 hours and is to apply to complete periods of 24 hours from midnight to midnight:

    a. Field Conditions(Accommodation).Field Conditions(Accommodation) are deemed to exist when Graded accommodation is not provided for sleeping and a Service individual occupies, for example, tentage, bivouacs, vehicles, barns, hangars, outbuildings, derelict and abandoned properties, church halls and hutted camps. This list is not intended to be definitive, but normal purpose-built accommodation would not qualify. In these circumstances the appropriate single accommodation charge is waived for each day Graded accommodation is not occupied.

    b. Field Conditions(Food).Field Conditions(Food) may be declared when the quality of food is substandard (ie the range of food listed in the ration scale cannot be provisioned, or the range of dishes that can be provided is limited as a result of inadequate storage or cooking facilities).Field Conditions(Food) may also be declared where proper dining facilities are not provided and the food has, for example, to be eaten out of mess tins. In these circumstances all food charges are to be waived for each day this occurs.

    c. Shipboard Conditions. Shipboard Conditions exist when a Service individual is accommodated aboard one of HM Ships other than aboard an accommodation ship. In these circumstancesField Conditions(Accommodation and Food) automatically apply.


    17. 010 General.Field Conditionsmay apply to either food (Field Conditions(Food)) or accommodation (Field Conditions(Accommodation)) or both.

    17. 011 Declaration and Promulgation. GOCs may delegate authority to declareField Conditionsto commanders of subordinate formations or to Commanding Officers, who may declareField Conditionsaccording to their own judgement within the guidelines contained in the definition ofField Conditionsshown in Chapter 1. Declarations ofField Conditionsare to be published in Formation Orders or, where declared by Commanding Officers, in unit Part 1 Orders. If, afterField Conditionshave been declared, circumstances allow a return to normal conditions, a decision to this effect may also be delegated to Commanding Officers, and it is to be published in unit Part 1 Orders. For joint exercises, PJHQ will coordinate the declaration ofField Conditions. Where it is clear that the conditions will be met from the outset, the decision may be made by the responsible Command or Unit in advance of the operation or exercise (including Adventurous Training).

    17. 012 Reporting. A report must be made to the appropriate Command/Civil Secretary by whomsoever has declaredField Conditionswhen they have lasted continuously for more than 3 months and at 3 monthly intervals thereafter (except in respect of those on board HM ships, and those in Northern Ireland or the Falkland Islands).

    17. 013 Duration.Field Conditions(Food) and/or (Accommodation) will only apply for a duration of 2 or more consecutive nights (for complete periods of 24 hours from midnight to midnight), based on the situation pertaining at 0300 hours. Where it is expected thatField Conditionswill last for 2 nights or more, food and accommodation charges already being made will be waived from day one. WhenField Conditionsare expected to:

    a. Exceed 2 nights but do not, accommodation and food charges will be re-imposed for complete periods of 24 hours whereField Conditionsdo not apply.

    b. Last less than 2 nights but subsequently last longer, food and accommodation charges, where applicable, will be waived from day one.
  6. Only problem is RAAC now not an authoritative publicatio although some parts remain in force. You should be looking at JSP 754:

    Field Conditions (Food)

    09.1006. When Field Conditions (Food) (FC(F)) have been authorised Service personnel will be supplied with messing at no cost to themselves. FC(F) may be declared when the quality of food is substandard (i.e. the range of food listed in the ration scale cannot be provisioned, or the range of dishes that can be provided is limited as a result of inadequate storage or cooking facilities). FC(F) may also be declared where standard dining facilities are not provided and the food has, for example, to be eaten out of mess tins. Any unit expecting the costs to be funded by DFS IPT Food Vote are to provide full justification to DFS IPT via the appropriate Front Line Command (FLC) for approval. This does not include transitional arrangements to PAYD.

    Can't find definition for accn but I'll do a bit of digging in the morning.

  7. So far this autumn and winter, the accommodation blocks for soldiers and officers at my current unit have not been adequately heated because of a problem with the central heating boiler. Could the CO grant field conditions until the boiler is repaired? With the current cold snap, the temperature in rooms at night is regularly below 5 degrees C.
  8. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    In todays climate (Ha, see what I did there?!) it'd be a brave CO that'd create that much expense for the MoD by declaring that. He'd get his arrse chewed off big time.

    However, if it's really that bad then you need to get organised and get complaining. Those temperatures in an occupied room cannot be justified and are against H&S regs.
  9. Does the CO realise that there is a ginger split ar$e living in the accodation? That might be the reason the boiler is turned off, to push you out.
  10. RAF friend said it was when there was no minibar...