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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blackmetallic, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. I've had to get two extensions to my 27 MTD's because I did 44 days in four months, when only about ten were actual proper training. I'm looking at getting a bounty in May for doing little training but doing 60 days work with TA. Each day is classed as an MTD irrespective of what duties I carried out, and it's an absolute sham. I've passed my MATTs, did two weekend camps, so far, and a fifteen day camp that had nothing to do with my regiments role, yet my Certificate of Efficiency will be issued on that basis. MTD's used to mean fifteen days camp, MATTs and a handful of compulsory weekends. Now MTD's can be for just any duty, no matter how banal or necessary
  2. MTDs have always meant the same. It's the period done to earn a day's pay and doesn't necessarily involve training. They could be dished out for preparations for a Unit Inspection, for example.

    Each MTD used comes out of a unit's annual allocation, so if some people don't turn up, then there's more available for the others. Conversely, if you're in a keen unit, opportunities for training can get limited towards the end of the year.
  3. Welcome to the TA!
  4. I had 220 MTDs for 3 consecutive years when I was a student - that covered (for each year) all FTXs, 2 courses, attachments to regs for major exercises, providing enemey for other units, preparation for unit inspections, driving recruits up to Catterick and back, stores runs to the RQMS, delivering and picking up vehicles from REME workshops, picking up new vehicles for delivery to Bn, Recruiting drives in the local community, the usual 1/4 day for drill nights, and lastly in one year for helping decorate the company bar!

    I found that extensuions for MTDs were easy to get as the unit could not have opereated efficiently without it.
  5. You're physically attending, you get paid.

    You've given of your own/free time.

    Want to do it for free?- Not me. Regulars wouldn't.

    As long as you can justify the time donated to the TA from your private life is accurately reflected in the quater/half/full days paid then I can't see the problem.
  6. I think your doing yourself a wee injustice there a days served is a day served, banal? dont think so if your needed your needed.
    As for you wee gripe about MATTS you have done, i suspect you have a few slackers in your unit that obviously piss you off only showing for the easy days and occassional weekend, sorry to say old man thats the TA's lot, we have that baggage to carry, but its good to hear from someone taking it seriously
  7. bounty hunters are the bane of the TA, 27 days and a bounty, yet i am getting told that i will have to do actual training at my own expense
  8. I'm sorry BM you've lost me, are you saying that you've done 44 days yet not done all the MATT's needed and can't qualify for your Cert as you can't do any more MTDs? Or have I read it wrong?
  9. I'm a bit confused too. I suspect at 60 days the CoC has just asked him to stay home.
  10. i've done/passed MATTS, but the year isn't nearly over and am been told that after my extensions, i have to do it for nothing - ie it willactually cost me money
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  11. Err No, you don not have to attend for nothing. There is nothing ststing you have to attend, also even if you choose to attend you should still be paid, Rpod (travel) and not be out of pocket. That said if you've done enough for your Cert why worry.

    Were the additional days required by your unit?
  12. BM, if you have done 44 days, and the majority of them have been any other than 'proper training' then why have you volunteered your time to do them?
    Has it anything to do with the fact that you were going to get paid for working them?
    Is not turning up for an 'easy days' pay carrying out some 'banal' duty jsut as bad as the 27 day bounty hunter?
  13. driving courses, various guard duties and dogsbody work which i didnt know until i showed up. None of those prove my competence as a deployable soldier which is what MTD's used to be to qualify for cert. of efficiency. If am asked to do a task, i do it, simple. I have at least five weekends of proper training to do before april, and it looks like am not getting paid for the last few
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  14. MTDs have never been used solely to train a soldier to qualify for their cert of efficiency. They are used to enable tasks, however bone, to be completed. One of these tasks is to pass the cert, but there are many others.

    I understand where you are coming from, but I would have hoped that conversations with your CofC would ensure your ability to attend the 'proper training' weekends later in the year. There are very few units that have to prevent keen soldiers from training, I suspect the rumour mill has been at work.
  15. You may just find there has been a recent discovery of a big pot of MTDs - to be used up before the end of the training year so a word with your PSI may not hurt!! (I never told you though!) Won't happen next year apparantley - MTDs allocated to units will be in line with unit strength as opposed to estabishment!