Definitely Sign of the Apocalypse....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. The World is Ending!! The sky is Falling!!

    British ' Cuisine ' has been rated Tops in the World!!

    According to the prestigious " Restaurant " magazine, a poll of food critics around the world for the top 50 best eateries have chosen a British Pub the 'Best 'anywhere..

    The Fat Duck in Bray took Numero Uno

    Under chef Heston Blumenthal the place specializes in " molecular gastronomy "...this is supposed to be a good thing, I gather.. and has resulted in such mouth watering delicacies as..

    wait for it...

    bacon and egg ice cream


    snail porridge...

    great Gawd Ahmighty!! this is the best the world has to offer?? don't feel so bad now when I sneak down at night for a peanut butter and onion sandwich...

    Kudos to Chef Heston for pulling this off...Take that McDonalds...
  2. Was this information gained from "the publican"?

    If not, i read it in there too!!

    It all sounds like good beer food to me. :D
  3. Turned up in yesterday's Torygraph as well. I'd like to see a version of "Forces Masterchef" - one random ratpack, a hexi stove and let's say...twenty minutes?
  4. Did you see the masterchef cooking for the army one?

    1x 10 man rat pack, gas cookers in a tent and about an hour.... go!

    Some quite creative items, destroyed by "rice pudding and basil"
  5. Twenty minutes, hexi? The bloody water in the mess-tins will only just be tepid...give them a break and one of those Norwegian cookers.

    If it is the apocalypse there will be other signs to watch out for;small objects shall go missing but reappear in places you least thought of looking, trains shall run on time and the staff shall be courteous, magnificent and great cities will be razed to the ground so that's Liverpool okay then and a small ferret called Arthur will be elected as Prime Minister...oh and the mountains of the firmament shall be laid low et cetera et cetera