Definitely Muppets - Possibly Tools

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LizH, May 12, 2010.

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  1. Anyone come across this lot before:


    The reason I ask is because they are responsible for this:

    Police Attend Dummy Bomb Thing

    Single source, fairly good grade, has indicated that the story as reported is not quite accurate.


    If source is to be believed, the vehicle was pulled over because it didn't have insurance, and the subsequent hoo-ha over dummy bombs resulted. Turns out that it's possible that several, if not all, the characters involved in this outfit are Walting it for NATO about their background.

    The bios and language on the website come across as galactically bizarre. If the info is wrong, happy to be enlightened, correct the source and walk away with apologies to all concerned. If not, open season...
  2. And you are?
  3. sounds ace, where do i sign up?
  4. I think its LizH :wink:
  5. Ah All clear now.
  6. The person who asked the question. Politely. Reasonably. And with the caveat that if what I heard is bollocks I'll let the person who asked me to consult this forum know that he's talking bollocks.

    He's a copper.

    I'm not.

    He knows I view ARRSE.

    Simple really. No witch-hunt.
  7. definitly muppets if the fake bombs had been in the boot nonoe would have been any the wiser.

    anyonone in the mod want to buy bargin fake IEDS £50 thats 25% there price :D
  8. Hi

    Let me put this rumour to bed.

    The police informed me my car was not insured. It was news to me. We then had a discussion about taking my car away. Fully understandable as to the reasoning behind it. No issue with that. I could then chase up with my insurance company what had gone wrong.

    I go an inert certificate from the car about the items covered up securely in the BOOT, because if they were going to take my car away, they should be aware of what they were taking away, so as not to cause alarm later on. The police man 'read' the certificate. We then open the boot, started to get the items out of their bags. The police man went off on one, and nicked us there and then.

    We then spend 8 hours in the nick. The police confirm, cordon and control worked very well. We might have been seen as the muppet's, but we were just trying to do the right thing. Sticks and stones compared to what out military faces every day.

    Tartan_Terrier - The non-pyro suicide vests are reusable, safe and a very effective training aid. They are currently in service with US Military & Marine Corp, NZDF, ADF, UK MoD etc, and at $975 are a bargain in it gives our solider's the ability to train against & understand these sort of devices. Repetition, repetition, repetition is the training principle we use.

    Tartan_Terrier - The coke can contains xray quality inert det cord, inert PE4 and ball bearings. Now if you would like to go and produce me the same for me for under $229 let me know, and when it passes all the xray certification standards etc i'll buy them from you.

    Tartan_Terrier - You need to think about putting a price on the care and safety of your good self, all those around you, and the soldiers who serve us, not just being a tight jock.

    If you have any questions then please feel free to email me,

    We are passionate about what we do and why we do it. We are about training the best to stay the best.
  9. Thanks for that I can see faults both sides.

    Luckily, all suicide bombers use the same vest design yes?


    PE4 £1.01

    Posh Coke tin £7.60

    Bearings 50 BB £7.45

    Det cord? dunno, but a couple of inches of whatever is not going to come to much

    Dummy dets? the military are quite short on those. Possibly.

    Snake oil? Probably.

    At those prices I'm not suprised you're passionate.
  10. Obviously not at the ACIO you ex hobbiest.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Commercial Mk5, Mk7 or Mk 9 Thunderflash, under £10 each.

    Mk3, Mk5, Mk9, Mk15 or Mk25 Maroon (9v), under £20 for the Mk25.

    Coke Can: 95 pence.

    Bag of BB's: £7.50 or dried peas £2.50

    Look on your client's faces when the prices are compared? Priceless.

    I supply a range of training pyros to companies that are doing VIP actions-on training as well as PMC pre-deployment training, and not one single one of those products comes to anywhere near, not even remotely, the prices you are charging.

    I have it on good authority that the wire-guided RPG simulators that one of my clients use has actually had his VIP-in-vehicle soil his knickers. Less than £5.00.

    Hope that helps.

    PS: WTF do you want inert det cord for? Are you training you operatives to make home-made explosives or recognise them? If it's recognising them, simply use some rope! If it's making them, you should be listed as a potential terrorist.

    Edited to add: Are you taking the p!ss!?!? That 'non-pyro' vest consists of a bunch of commercially available 'soft-air' Claymores, that wholesale in this country for about £35 each, which you've strapped to some cheapo vest. $950?!?!?!


    PPS: If you want some .50 cal ammo tins . . . . . . £10 each. :D


  12. :roll:
  13. Several things spring to mind. What sort on moron would drive through London, in a civvy veh, with `dummy IED`s in? ok I answered at the start. As al other comments say, why are you using fear to extort cash? Why are your prices in $?