Definitely 100% pukka gen this bloke

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by the_eiger, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. Smashing.
  2. Who are we to argue?
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  3. 'Look inside'. You wont regret it.

    I doubt I'll be the only one regurgitating his (100% pukka gen) stories in an effort to get just a fraction of the skirt he has undoubtedly lured into his bedsit.
  4. If we're swapping dits for tits count me in.
  5. I bet he never threw a fridge off a boat at some skinnies. Not even the highest ranking member of the Waltenkommando could make that shit up.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Are we talking tits attached to birds and thus, high maintenance.

    Or are we talking the ones we cut off, scooped out, dried in the sun then fashioned into souvenir baccy pouches and amusing lamp shades?

    If the deal is swapsies for keeps, provide detail. Detail.
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  7. I'm stealing that one, thanks.
  8. What a cracking read,........"If you have a radio in your possesion you can call for help", no shit.


    Is that him on the book cover?

    Edit: Is he talking about Them or is there a ladies UK Paddling association called SAS?
    Quote: "I say there is a big problem attracting women into the SAS in any form, I report that there are only a few grade five women paddlers in the UK"

  9. His pen picture is like QPRs defence. All over the fcuking place.
  10. You're all jealous. The bloke has a beret and medals and everything. Plus he saved a Swedish bird from being raped and has a photographic memory. Well he doesn't really, it's just that the senior officers think that. His memory is good enough to remember the time he was standing on a 5 storey building fighting a fire as the roof crumbled underneath him. This is all before he was a 2REP Officer (which he proved by cut and pasting their website into his book). Don't forget the time him and his scrote-bag mates got into a scrap, and woke to find the RSM and CO had brought them breakfast in bed, a rim job and a gallantry medal.

    Surely there's someone who recognises his face and knows his real name? We need to find a way to get this man some more medals. Fast.
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  11. Who is the Montgomery walt to his left?
  12. "Listening to others is a very important aspect of communication"

    This blokes a genius!
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