Define 'Full force of the Law'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sportbilly42, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. DC has openly warned those caught up in the rioting that they will be tracked down and will 'face the full force of the law'

    (That should strike fear into most decent minded people.)

    At Highbury Magistrate's Court earlier today a number of those arrested faced their charges.
    19 year old Daniel Atto pleaded guilty to stealing two t-shirts.
    He was sentenced to one day in prison....

    ..but because he'd already served that time in custody he was immediately released....

    You couldn't make it up........
    BBC News - England riots: Magistrates hear cases from suspected looters
    (Edited to add the link... although I've added it a couple of times now on this thread)
  2. He must have had previous. Most criminal offences in the UK are now "disposed of" by means of a police caution.
  3. That will learn him!!!
  4. Got a link to this?
  5. Britain needs to restore the death penalty.

    Rioting,subversion,robbery and drug-dealing should all be dealt with this way.
  6. 'Full force of the law' means exactly the same thing as 'big society'.

    Noun: 'a soundbite to be deployed in the presence of journalists in order to avoid actually doing anything'.

    Example: "Trevor! You gonna take those bins out?!" "Football's on, love. I'll deploy the full force of the law on 'em."
  7. I've searched the 'net for a link to this story and found nothing, what's your source?
  8. I believe 10 years is the max for rioting and 14 years for burglary/looting. I would expect the full force to be maximum in both cases and not to be served concurrently but sequentially so when when one sentence finishes the next starts. No parole, no time off for good behaviour, that is the full force of the law.
  9. For the second time today,I post this for you....

    The Law is something we have to live with,,,Justice is harder to Achieve...

    I didn't say it but it sounds true to me...............
  10. Which does not have a snowball's chance in hell of ever happening in Britain.
  11. the full force of the law in my books is to build wire compounds and stick the little ******* in it under canvas for the next six months. They can all go and do their community service by being marched out wearing their orange traccys with a few "Lads" as escort clearing up the mess and litter. I'd pray for a hard winter, Dream on, for this to happen CMD will have to grow a set throw out the Human Rights fiasco and give the Police some teeth which means getting rid of most of the senior officers who are more limp than a limp thing
  12. Still looking for the story, or a link. Or is this just BS?
  13. This I know but it felt good dreaming and typing it, for a brief moment I was in a country that new how to deal with individuals such as those we have seen over the last week.
  14. TBH, I think it was just TCDC's posh vowels, he actually said "face the full farce of the law"....

    Must have with that sentence.
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  15. Thank god I live in a far safer place than Britain.Thailand has it's problems,but the total anarchy of Britain under a "Conservative" government is a comptempable joke of the first order.

    Britain needs to extablish a prison system in South Georgia to incarate the chavscum.Hopefully none would survive a winter there.