Definative RAF Regiment post

Wow. Interesting. It would seem most must spend an equally large amount of time in the EFI to see us there hey!
And as for coming back to a nice firm base etc, well my friend, perks of the job, living on a roll mat doesn't make you hard hey!


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. . . . . . . . you forgot to mention that you guys are all kit t@rts, can't spell for toffee, and those wraparound shades are REALLY OTT.

Not to mention the fact that when you come back from your stints out in the 'oollie, you've got a big airbase with lots of cushie facilities and moist . . . . .

You are the brylcream boys of the ground.
Very well done. Now F*ck off back to E Goat Crab :wink:
I can feel a "wah" coming, however I hope you don't mind my rant.

Oh my I didn't know that the RAF Regt were so good. Maybe we could do away with the infantry and just expand the Regt..............................

Whopper!!!!! If you're so good why aren't you actually up the valley in Helmand instead of guarding the friggin EFI.

MPGS in blue berrys.
Oh dear.
You should have come on here for the laugh because they're sure gonna laugh at you for that post mate.
It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you unless you're Baron Castleshort with a serious insecurity complex and a huge dressing up box to compensate for it.
Head down, nose clean, say safe. That's all that matters. Especially the last bit.
As a former white socks, nylon and polyester wearing crab I'm just here for the crack because the banter and humour's great but you sound to be taking this far too seriously.
Or you're smudge and this is a wah and I would have claimed my fiver but I think I might have just got wah'ed instead. :twisted:
Persec Persec!!

I now know which unit you are and specifically WHO you are.Tut tut
Please sir the rough army boys are calling us names....................

Christ sake every unit in the forces takes the piss out of every one else, But when it comes down to it everyone knows whos side they are on.

This is probably a Wah.


i wouldn;t bother trying to reason with people that don't want to be reasond with, i served 3 years on 34 ( mt mech) in cyprus and i was treated really well, and had a laugh to, we have all served with pongo's and most were ok as you say every unit has bad apples. however the fact is in the regiment you are treated better than in the army so some might be a little envious


What is a GMG and GRMG?


havealaugh843 said:
If you don't know what GMG is then leave the forum, and yes my typo error but I would have thought you might understand the point. Cheers though.

Packing myself off to Rear Party as we speak. :roll:

You’ve been put in the naughty corner by a stinkeeeen crab on an army web site

Do you feel foolish :p


CAARPS said:

You’ve been put in the naughty corner by a stinkeeeen crab on an army web site

Do you feel foolish :p

Oh yes, but considering I left 11 years ago not knowing what a GMG is could be a viable defence. The best I could find was GMG. which is hardly inapropriate.
Mate we understand your point, but you've certainly left yourself open to abuse from the "real" army. We all understand that your regiment has a job to do,but, coming from a real infantry man of 23ish years, when you try to identify with what we do you'll fail.

As for your snipers and mortarmen etc. Goodluck to them but at the end of the day all you are is force protection for Air Bases. I've been to KAF and seem the RAF Regt walts in action posing in their pristine WMMIKS around the EFI and G1 complex trying to impress the young girls and to be honest found it amusing. A lot of people transit through KAF especially to go on R n R and what they see there disgusts them. Stick to guarding runways and EFI's mate leave the real work to the real infantry.

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