Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mcguire86, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Got fuckin deffered !!! Said I had a high blood pressure (hypertension) but was 99% down to nerves.

    When we were waiting about 4 people got rejected or deffered so when I went in I was shitting it, I thought my knee would fail me but it passed, everything passed with flying colours then he took my blood pressure and said it was too high.

    He told me to calm down and would take it again, but how can you remain calm sitting there in your boxer shorts haha, anyway he took it again in the space of 5 minutes and obviously it was still too high.

    There is no way I have that condition or I wouldn't be able to peform the hard training I have been doing in the last 12 months I would have blacked out by now, like I said it was just nerves, I could feel my heart racing and couldn't calm it down!

    So now I have to go to my GP and have this device fitted to me which reads your blood pressure over 24 hours in the comfort of your own home then take it back to him and get the results which more than likely will be fine. Then I have to send the results back to ADSC and that will be the medical passed, then I will just have to attend to do the physical tests.

    It's an absoulte piss take though, 6 hours on the train then 5 hours back all on the same day, 3 other lads got exactly the same, and 4 others for other reasons.

    Few more weeks to go then, gutted. :evil: :evil:
  2. Ah man, just plain silly!

    I can understand how you'd be bricking it when you go in for your medical... seeing as that's pretty much the pass/fail mark!
  3. That's unfortunate, wonder how you would be with bullets flying over your head. you'd probably break the cardio-reader thingy! lol
  4. Do you have any idea what your blood pressure reading was? I am hoping to enlist but have well-controlled hypertension. I am worried that it might cause grief.other than that Im fit as a fiddle so I dont know what to expect?
  5. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    "white coat hypertension" is a well known sure your readings will be normal when taken outwith the scary environment of the surgery. All the very best! M
  6. When they took it at ADSC it was 160/90 (3 times), the minimum for a pass is 140/80.

    I have just had my 24 hour test done (yes nearly 2months after requesting it from my GP, I love the NHS !).

    The ADSC doctor says I need to get 140/80 for a pass, I don't know how they work out the results though. The machine took my BP every half hour, I wrote most of the scores down. A couple were over 160/90 but the majority were below 140/80. If they just want to see if I can have my BP at that level or below then I've passed but if they take the average then I think it might be slightly over at 141 or slightly under at 139. Saying that I think BP readings are rounded up to the nearest 10, e.g. 140, 150 ect. I will just have to wait and see, should be ok to be honest :?
  7. If your BP was taken by am electronic machine it will have been taken to the nearest 1 mmHg, If it was taken 'by hand' then it will usually be done to the nearest 5 mmHg. Depends on the individual taking it of course.
  8. so what is my blood pressure and bpm supposed to be im 21 male and 6.1ft weighing 12 .10 stone?
  9. Use the search function, check the cardiovascular thread, then use google or the wiki. or see your GP/Nurse.
  10. 120/80 is the template for BP and 60 BPM whilst resting (IIRC)
    BTW, getting "deffered" is an aboriginal fertility rite, getting "deferred" is a wait out from the service. (Hope having the p*ss taken hasn't affected your BP.)
  11. just did it 3 times my average was 119/79 and 69 bpm resting thanks for the replies.
  12. It was done on one of those 24 hour machines (can't remember the name).
    If you know what I'm talking about then how do they do the results? As the machine takes readings every half an hour do they just take the average from the readings, or do they say right your lowest BP is ... and your highest is ... . ?

  14. Yes but I don't understand how they take the results.
    On my deferal letter it says I must meet the following criteria of: 24 hour ambulatory record shows minimal requirement of 140 / 80.
    Does this mean at least one of the readings over the 24hours has to show 140/80 (or better) or do they mean the whole results put into an average has to be 140/80 ?

    :? :?