Deffered R and R

Just received this from a Facebook friend, I do hope it's not true

""") so my hubbie isn't getting any R&R gutted, a couple of my mates have also said theirs have been told they aren't getting it as apparently all R&R for all the forces is now not happening due to cuts has anyone else heard of this or is it just duty rumour??? xx"""
They're all going on the lash somewhere away from their ugly wives I'd imagine
Thats what I thought,I well remember something like this way back in Northern Ireland days a Wife going ballistic because her husband had not come home on R&R , he was banging a WRAC in the Isle of Man
It's little white lies like this that keep army marriages from going under. "Sorry darling, I've just received this month's wage slip, it looks like I've got to pay 20% more LOA from now on."
R&R can be deferred for Op reasons but the reasoning given in your missive is b0ll0cks.
I like it. best not to circulate it too wide, you'll just get the lad(s) in trouble while they have pushed off to Pattaya for R&R...

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