Deffered because of hearing...

Right i went to selection and was doomed from the start, i am extremely dissapointed with myself even though it was something that wasnt my fault. I took the hearing test and failed the first time all together because apprently i wasnt pressing the button, and she asumed i wasnt hearing any noises whatsoever. So after the second attemp we figured out that the bloody buttom was broken, i was pissed of and pleased because at least it wasnt my hearing that was the problem. So i had to do it again..By then though i was sick of it and was hearing high pitch noises in my head even when it wasnt sounding. Then after about 4 attemps i managed to pass in my right ear but not my left ear. The acceptable level is level 2 which is what i got in my right but my left got a level 3 so because of this im not aloud in. I took the rest of the full medical and there was nothing else he could find that would be a problem apart from my hearing in my left ear.

Im just asking for anyones advice on this as joining the army meant the world to me and i absolutely had my heart set on it. Surely there must be something i can do, someway i must be able to appeal against it right?

I just feel like ive been let down badly, ive been training for months and all the preperation and everything has gone to waste for something i feel isnt that big of a deal. I knew i never had the best hearing it the world but its never been a problem so far throughtout my life. Do you guys have any suggestions? Please and thank you.
oooow bad, old and bad but funny as.

go to your GP, get them to have a look, all you may need is your ear syringed out to remove built up wax.
FFBox said:
oooow bad, old and bad but funny as.

go to your GP, get them to have a look, all you may need is your ear syringed out to remove built up wax.
You should of been a deferral letter for your GP anyway and ear wax is quite a common reason for deferral, but they normally point this out to you. As said speak to your GP who can confirm if its something more serious, if so he should send you to an ENT specialist and then they should give you another hearing test. If everything does work out and you pass your GP will then get back in touch with the SMO at ADSC and get you back down there.
i was deferred because i had a masteroidoctamy on my ear when i was ten fella when they said they were gonna defer me they made an appointment with specialist to clear everything up and eventually got in so speak to your gp double time
Well made an appointment for 9:50 tomorrow so i shall soon see whether all is not lost. Just found out today that my local firestation are recruiting aswell, im just wondering if this stops me getting in the army then is it likely to stop me getting in the firebrigade also?
Unless your ethnic or female and preferably both the Fire Brigade wont be interested. Dont worry those hearing tests are hit and miss, half the time they dont explain what to do properly or give you a trial go, i did one once and the muppet took a phone call half way through. Acording to my leaving medical i had better hearing than when i joined 6 years previously. So helicopters, 84mm, motars and GPMG on SF and the RSM screaming did no damage at all aparently. Have a good old dig out with a cotton bud and try again!


You could always try the Navy or RAF.
They have lower standards then the Army and will almost certainly let you in :D
I failed a mobilisation med for Op Fingal and was gutted. I then learned to cheat and passed the same process twice for Telic mobs. As cupidstunt said, these tests are rubbish.
Quit listening to your ipod. Those in the ear 'phones (and crappy modern music) are making you young people deaf.
As well as Ear Wax, if you had been to a club or other loud environment in the last few days that would also have affected your test. Good luck with the GP and hope it is just wax. And when you get in make sure you actually do wear the ear protection.
i have noticed my right ear isn as strong as my left it aint that bad i still hear everything i took an online hearing test and it confirmed what i thought it aint as strong it was only when i got to the really really low sounds like the last 3 i couldnt hear them i am due to go to selection nxt sunday can anyone tell me wots my chances of getting literally kicked out on my ear!!!!!
I know this thread is really old but i just thought i needed to add somthing to this.

I was almost deffered at adsc the other day because of my hearing and your are right the tests are hit or miss. I had to take it 3 times before i passed.

First test i passed in my right ear and failed in my left. Second tests i passed in my left ear and failed in my right. Third test i passed in both ears but only just in my right which i had passed brilliantly with in the first test.

I was lucky not to get deffered and im now worried about my phase 1 hearing test. The thing that makes me think the test is crap is because i had my ears tested for the raf and they both came out absolutely fine with consistant results in both ears.

Also by the third test i was that nervous that i was going to fail my heart was beating so hard that all i could hear was my sodding heart beat.
The tests are not hit and miss, your ******* ears are.*

*Or possibly your ability to pay attention for several minutes.
What a useful post well done. My ears quite obviously arn't fucked because i passed my raf test first time with very good results. The nurse at pirbright even said they have problems with the headsets which is why she let me retake the test on 3 different machines.

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