Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by vernah, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Hey,does anyone know how long it takes to get a date for ADSC after being deffered.Had a heart murmer and been waiting for 2 weeks!!!
  2. I keep hearing about people getting deffered for a heart murmer, what exactly is one. Im scared im going to get deffered now, can they not just let you continue with the rest of your course and then once you have either passed or failed then send you to the specialist to see whether its innocent or not, its abit unfair for people who get deffered after many hours of travelling and then having to go straight home for something that wasnt self inflicted.
  3. It varies dependant on what the MO said to you... best bet is to give your ACIO a call, and they'll be able to give you a heads up. ;)
  4. Well thanks,will call my recruiter again but the last time he didnt have much to say.Didnt know it would take that long.
  5. a heart murmer is when you heart bit is slightly irregular its not usually a serious condition. to reduce the risk of one of of one being misdiagnosed whilst at ADSC DON'T drink fizzy drinks like coke or any caffine drinks like Red Bull for a week before you go, just stick to water and then you won't mis diagnosed as having one.

    however if you have been deffered due to one you will get a letter at somepoint and you will have to go see a heart specialist somewhere to proper study it
  6. As above - don't drink loads of caffine based drinks (tea, coffee, red bull, coke, lemonade etc) and don't smoke prior. (in fact don't smoke at all)

    As soon as you have been cleared by the specialist you should be able to re-show as soon as there is a vacancy on an ADSC.
  7. I was deffered for heart murmur end of Nov at selection and only went back last week on the a good month wait for me.Then again the wait was over the xmas period so depends when your recreuiter can get you a slot.

  8. i got deffered for a heart murmer 15th november then was back at adsc 6th december! for me it was how long it took the doctors reports to get to the office! was only a 2 week wait by the time they had rung to let me no.

    hope its not to long a wait for u :)
  9. Gave the ACIO a call and said they should have a date by next week.Thank u all 4 yo replies.Was a bit worried coz the murmer wasn't innocent!!!!S'ok after all.
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    I hope this clears up any confusion.