Deferring Sandhurst (for a good reason/not to go to Thailand!)


I'm currently on the CC starting in September 2013 but have just been accepted onto a masters degree that I would like to take prior to the Army. From what I've been told previously I should ring the Officer Candidate Administration Centre at RMAS, explain the situation and ask to defer. Then ring my sponsors (PWRR) and let them know my new start date. Is that correct? And will they be ok with it?

I'm still 100% committed to joining, I passed Main Board in November 2011, will only just be 22 starting at RMAS even when deferred and the masters is in a subject that the Army will look upon favourably - if that helps!

Thanks in advance,

Unless things have changed recently then the process you describe is the correct one. I would guess that both parties (Sandhurst and your sponsor regiment) would most likely support you deferral, given your age (average at Sandhurst is or at least was 23.5 years). There are plenty of officers who join with second degrees and I would definitely advise you to get one if you have the opportunity/means and can still enter Sandhurst at a reasonable age.

Good luck.

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