Deferring entry to RMAS

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This question is on behalf of a friend of mine who is a non-arrse user.

Essentially he has had a Sixth Form and University scholarship with the Engineers and is due to graduate this year. He has not taken a gap year and went straight to Uni from sixth form. He had planned to defer entry to RMAS for 1 year to get some experience travelling. The engineers have told him that he can only defer entry until the May 09 course, any longer and he would have to pay back the money for his Sixth form, and university scholarship. This seems a bit unfair considering it is not uncommon for bursary holders to take a gap year between Sixth for and University.

Does anybody know the exact rules and regulations with regard to deferring entry to RMAS if you hold a Bursary, and if my mate has a leg to stand on?



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