Deferring entry to phase 1

Hi everyone,

I left university last summer with the intention of travelling for 6 months or so before starting my army application to join the Int Corps. Due to a death in the family this didn't happen and I began my application at the turn of the year whilst working 2 pretty soul-destroying jobs at home.

My ADSC is at the end of this month and my Recruitment Sgt. said that depending on my performance I could be looking at late June as my earliest possible start date for phase 1. However, in the meantime I've been offered guaranteed work in Australia for 3-4 months starting in August. Is deferring entry to phase 1 an option that is worth enquiring about? I've read a lot about applicants being deferred entry for physical issues but never heard of the applicant requesting a deferral. I asked about this on the Army's online chat facility yesterday but didn't receive any kind of answer one way or another, and don't fancy asking my new civvy recruiter (who I've not properly met/spoke to yet) in case he responds in the negative and sticks it on my file!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Just ask for your Earliest Enlistment date for December 2013, not a drama as long as there are phase 1 dates after that, remember your ADSC pass lasts for 2 years.

Just be wary though that your travelling will not affect your Security Clearance vetting, so maybe worth chatting to the INT Corp Selection Officers when you do your INT Selection course about where not to travel to.
Aye there's a few places that you can't go to then come back and ask for high clearance to stuff.

Applied to Int Corps, delayed Phase 1 date to allow for travelling to Beijing, Pyongyang, the Kremlin and then back to UK to join up may affect your vetting chances.

Quick trip to Oz is fine, one of my coursemates at Blandford arrived at phase 1 two days after getting back from 4 months in Australia.
Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I'll head to my ADSC on the 23rd, wait for my results and then go and have a chat with one of the blokes at my Careers Office about it. Nice to know I won't be harshly judged for deferring, didn't want potential recruiters questioning my commitment to joining.

Thanks again.
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