Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pendulum, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. I was deffered in September 2006.
    Was told to apply again in July 2008.

    I was deffered on medical grounds, as i "overdosed" on paracetamol.

    When in fact it just said Poisoning on the forms.

    Anyhow, if i get deferred again, would this mean i cannot try to apply again?
  2. If you were told you can re-apply on or after this date, there should be no issue now with that reason, thats why they defer you. As long as you have had no other issue since there should be no problem. If you start the application during mid june it will take a couple of weeks to process untill you get to that stage.

    Good luck fella, keep us posted.

    I got defered untill Aug this year last week, and i was told that my application will be frozen untill then, no need to do anyother forms or medical just continue where it was left off, but you will do.

    You will be fine.
  3. Double post;)

    Thanks for that, i was thinking about reapplying mid-june, as i thought it would take a couple of weeks and such.

    Its been a long wait, nothing else has been on my mind lol

    I get excited watching the DVD, said huh?
  4. im the same fella, i can't wait untill Aug, im hoping to get into the Royal Anglians as im a true Essex boy. lol.

    Good luck fella.
  5. What can you do your run time in?

    Mines pretty piss poor, ive only just quit smoking!
  6. Deferred again!
    I've only just found out that my mother told the hospital she suspected it was intentional!m I had no treatment or help after.
    But as the letter goes...

    So what i'm going to do is go ask my doc if he will write a supporting letter for me, saying im in excellent health, mind and body to serve in the Army.

    Can my doc refuse? Failing that can i request to have a psychiatric evaluation?
  7. hey. while this forums open. i was defferd in aug2006 on medical grounds as my gp said i suffered from depression for which ive never been prescribed anything.. now, i dont remember going in for "depression" but at the time this is supposed to have happened i aws seeing my gp about getting circumcised and may have said i was in a low mood or having a bad day or whatever. anyway, i was told to reapply in three years and for the past two years ive thought about nothing else. i happened to be in the army careers office today and was asked why i didnt fight the decision.....because i wasnt aware i could.

    does anyone know if this is something that could be challenged and if so would it be too late now, two years on?

    any help would be great.

  8. Im gutted, my application has been deferred for 3 months due to history of "back pain" (utter rubbish, i have asked to appeal)....they said they are looking forward to my re application in 3 months will i go about it? will the army contact me again after 3 months? or do i have to contact them again once me 3 months is up? how does it work?
    Please help,
    Many Thanks

  9. Hi just looking for some advice.
    I was deferred on paper medical but appealed and was succesful (my recruiter rang me 2 days after i posted the appeal to say i had been succesful).
    Is there a chance i could be deferred again at ADSC medical for the same reason?
    I'd like to think this issue is dead and buried now.
  10. Not unless they happen to find you've been bullshitting or find fresh evidence against you there. If you are tickityboo fine, no worries. They'll have all the paperwork infront of them there. What did you get buggered for?
  11. I had one case of work stress about 10 months ago. Basically workin in a call centre and hated every minute of it.

    My GP wrote an appeal letter saying it was only coz of the job, and when i left it was immediatley resolved. Didnt need medication or anything.

    Got nothing else on med records that will be a problem.

    So will they just ask me about it at ADSC?
    Shall i take a copy of my appeal?

  12. They'll have a talky with you about it in the med, and they'll have all the paperwork with them already - if you feel you want to make extra sure I suppose you could take another copy.

    You went to your GP over "work stress" 8O
  13. well i didnt know i would be applying for the army at the time, and i needed time off to go to some pro rugby trials (my employer wouldnt let me have time off).

    i hated my job anyway so when i went to the GP's he put it down as that.

    Looks stupid on there now i know, but cant do anythin about it now.

    But my deferral was overturned so hopefully it'll be ok.