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  1. I made my application and the bloody next day I broke my hand, had my application reply the other day and that part has been passed. Unfortunately but not surprisingly I've been deferred for a year (I'm appealing this decision to get a couple of months taken off). I'm looking at this deferral as time I can use to my advantage. Anything you chaps suggest I sink my teeth into for the next year or so? I was thinking of backpacking across some distant land but everyone seems to be doing that and I don't want to turn up to my interview in a years time and have the officer across the desk bored shitless with what I have been up to between here and now, (also any skills I could learn in the next year that will help me) just general beneficial stuff.

  2. Do what you want to do, not what you think the Army would like. If you eventually commission you'll be busy enough being the Army's bitch so relish the time you have now.

    If you do something you genuinely find interesting then that will come across better at interview. By being influenced by what others are doing you are potentially losing out on a genuine opportunity for adventure.
  3. Who are you and how the hell have you hacked O_Ms account?
    Sound advice
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  4. Fitness.
  5. I had poached eggs for breakfast. It calms me :)
  6. yes, that kind of goes without saying.
  7. thankyou