Deferred until Jan 2011 - please help, appeal??

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by AdamDaniels, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Right Basically i am asking if, and how i should appeal, if there is any point, etc here are the important parts of the letter;

    "the reason for the deferral of you application on medical grounds is due to your history of abdominal pain resulting in surgery in October 2009"
    (I had my appendix removed and never had any problems since! my recruiter told me its only 6months for appendix!)

    "we are also aware of your more recent referral in January 2010 in relation to a testicular swelling, you need to confirm you have been free of any pain for a twelve month period"
    (not being funny, it was a lump on my nuts, of course i'm going to go to the doctors and get it checked, especially seeing as my girlfriends uncle just had cancer!

  2. Contact yourAFCO and ask them what the best action would be to take i'd suggest.

    When I had to give another 3 month fitness diary , I phoned up my local ADSC (where my medical doc's were being reviewed) and I spoke to the doctors assistant who then spoke to the doctor herself , and I managed to get it for the past 3 months.

    I suggest speaking to the source of your medical deferal ,

    Goodluck !
  3. i rang the number at the top of the letter, and the women was a stuck up cow, she was just going read the letter read the letter, Ok, ill ring the afco later and she what they say as my recruiting officer isnt there at present, what did anyone else so when they got reffered? and anyone else had the same problems? im gutted any help and good news will really help me!
  4. Maybe someone with more up-to-date info about joining today can give you more specific info but ... common sense would hint that anything as stroppy as an "appeal" is unlikely to endear you to the powers that be, even if you were 100% justified. And getting a reputation as a barrack-room lawyer before you've even joined is probably not sound tactics.

    If this is really just a deferral, i.e. you're definitely going to be starting in Jan 2011, I'd do no more than a polite little letter on the lines of "disappointed ... keen to start ... could the decision be reviewed? ... otherwise look forward to starting in Jan 2011" ... and then use the intervening time to get your physical fitness even further up than it is now.

    Waiting another 5 months is frustrating, but you may be in until December 2032, so in the big scheme of things ...
  5. i believe, that the way this letter is worded, my application is not successful, if i wish to re-apply - does that not mean, I will start from scratch in Jan 2011? regards. Adam
  6. Update:-

    Just rang the AFCO and spoke to my recruitment officer, he advises me to appeal, as he thinks 12months for a routine check up is seriously over the top, and advises me to sit down with my Doctor and write a letter, any advise? has anyone done this before.

    i really appreciate this!
  7. As your recruiter has said, obviously the best thing to do is make an appointment with your GP where both of you can review the deferral letter & discuss whether an appeal would be worthwhile or not. I had to do this for my rejection & subsequent (successful) appeal.

    Keep in mind you now have a medical history of recent abdominal / groin pain on your records (they might be thinking potential unresolved hernia issues or whatever) & that the medical staff at ADSC always err on the side of caution (I know from good experience with my application) so be thankful it's only a 5 month deferral. Seriously.
  8. I am seriously thankful its only til January, but, the reason it is until January is as stated "the testicular swelling" this has been diagnosed as a cyst, and confirmed by an ultra sound scan, as for abdominal pain, it was merely appendicitis, which by all accounts is a minor (6month) full recovery from operation, and surely is a bonus as 40% of people have appendicitis, surely better before than while serving, in all honesty do you guys think i have a good cause to appeal?
  9. Every deferal is worht appealing, but you must have medical proof to back you up or a doctors approval. i recieved a letter last week and i have been defered for 2 years! just because of the reccurent headaches i used to have. if i would not of taken medication for my headaches i would have got in, however i never needed the medication, i was just scared of having a brain tumor so i took the meds as soon as my docs advised me too..i was in full toime work as a waiter going 6-7 hours a night without food and eating takeaway at the end of my shift. so this bad diet caused my headaches.. i decided to leave that job so i could regain my health and fitness and train for the army.. 6 months later iu got defered..
  10. its worht appealing. but in the mean time take full advantage of your deferal period to train hard to make sure you pass the tests.. i cant stess how many people think they can pass the tests and not do any or little training... you need to run 1.5 mile run in 9 mins 30 to qualify for paras and any infantry regiment and to impress.. 10 chinups plus to impress.. 50 press ups in 2 mins and 50 sit ups in 2 mins to impress...
  11. sorry fellas, i forgot to post my appeal was accepted, i past pre adsc test and got a run time of 9.16 past all my interviews and off to adsc on the 1st and 2nd of november! thanks for all your help it was apreciated