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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by STTOMO, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. Rang up my recruitment officer to check the status of my medical forms earlier today and got told Id been deferred for a year for 'a year free from treatment' or some shit.

    He couldnt tell me exactly why but said there was a letter on its way. Although I already know why, it is because I had an operation last June to correct a bunion on my left foot. But its been fully healed for months and Im fitter than I have ever been and it doesnt cause any pain or anything. Plus my recruiter said it was a years time from when I had the operation, yet some online recruitment officer I spoke to this morning said I was from when the army deferred you. So Im confused as fcuk!

    The first time I did my 1.5m run I got it in 9.35, and since then its just going down and down, I also play football regularly and have been in some decent tackles and things without a single pain occuring.

    I was wondering wether it would be worth appealing? Getting a letter from my doctor and things. Or is the decision final once they have given you a deferral time?

    Theres probably a thread already about being deferred but feeling like I do I really cba to be searching so apologies. Cheers
  2. yea, go to your doctor and get the all clear, then apeal and everything should be all right
  3. Although it must be horrible to feel like you do now, you have to know that you will have only been deferred to prevent injury. The toll that a career in the Army takes on your feet is significant, especially at phase one training. I would assess that the medical officer has deferred you simply because they feel you would be prone to injury. Although you may think you have fully healed, and you may well have, try and see things from the army doctor point of view. If they passed you as medically fit to undergo training and you consequently developed an injury directly related to your operation due to lack of healing time allowed, they would be out on their arrse from a job. You, in the meantime, are potentially unable to ever walk again.

    As far as the online recruitment opinion goes, take it with a pinch of salt. Your own recruiter will know your case in and out compared, and will know you first hand. I would assess, from reading your post, that you will be able to apply again 12 months after the last time you see a doctor about your foot. I may be wrong though, so dont think that is to be taken as fact, it is just my assessment from the limited info I have seen.

    The deferral decision is certainly not final, you can appeal it and I have known cases in the past where the appeal has won. As with all topics along these lines, your recruiter is the only person that can give you the final answer. Wait until you recieve your letter from ADSC, and depending what it says, go to the office and ask to appeal.
  4. Im definetly appealing as I have nothing to lose.

    I can understand the army doctors beleiving my recovery time isnt long enough and I might be prone to injury but with the amount of strenuous activity I do at the moment, in regards to football, gym work, running and things, my foots taken some real hard whacks and some real hammer due from running. Its held up perfectly fine throughout and is stronger than ever before. Which personally in myself I can tell, thats the anoying and frustrating thing.

    I wouldnt have applied to the army knowing my foot wasnt right because I wouldnt fancy injuring myself in general during the training.

    I'll wait till I get the letter through and if I feel theres a chance of appealing ill be straight upto the doctor asking him if he will write a letter for me. Is there anyone who comes on here thats had a similar case and won their appeal?
  5. ye pal i would definately appeal. i got deffered and i appealed and i got letter saying that im still deffered so i appealed again and i finally got the ok. so it is worth it u got nothing to lose. i appealed and start basic on the 2nd of march :)
  6. sttomo i know how it feels i had a rather nasty motorbike racing accident in march 03 and broke several bones which at the time i wasnt aware that you have to give it 4 years or something and then i had an inhaler in january 05 so its only now after 6 years of being finished school i get a bite at the bullet. in a ideal world i should of used that 6 years to keep fit...instead i found woman booze and clubbin....oh and take away which does take its toll on body mass! a few weeks ago i went on a insight course and hurt my leg on the assault course and basically got sent home while on the way home my recruiter rang me and as i heard it i was deffered a further 6 months because of it...but i argued the matter in hand and about 3 weeks ago he contacted me sayin i wouldnt be deffered and that i have pre-selection on the 19th. so it could be worse but my main point would be contact your dr as you say you have nothing to loose. in the mean time use every spare minute to get sit ups,press ups,heaves up to a good standard obviously your run is already very good but no harm in trying to get it down a bot more..

    good luck and keep us informed!
  7. I'm in the middle of my application, so is it a waste of time me doing this as i've got a bunion on my right foot that causes no discomfort at all? This is worrying....
  8. STTOMO ,two of my boys are the army one is the royal engineers and the other one is at Harrigate foundation colledge,he was deffered on medical reasons.Our own doctor had written down that my son had, a
    burst ear drum ,but being his mum I only recalled him having an ear infection. So not only did I A ppeal I had to fight my own doctors ,so I then went to have his ears tested and they stated that there was now scarring .That confirmed that he had never had a burst eardrum.So the conclusion to yo ur question is appeal,even like me Ieven went to a differant army carreers office becauses I found that they were not as helpfull as they should have been.

  9. Hi mate

    I got my official letter through today about why Ive been deferred and just as I thought it is because of my operation I mentioned yesterday. I am appealing btw and have already contacted local doctors for an appointment with my GP..

    But aswell as having the left one corrected, it states underneath that I still have a bunion on my right foot uncorrected. It then says 'Please note that your right Hallaux Valgus (that being the medical term for it) deformity may have a bearing on your eligibility". Which sounds like its going to be another kick in the balls, even though it causes no pain, doesnt hinder running or anything at all.

    So I would speak to your recruitment officer about it mate, cos if you get to this point and then get deferred, youll be fcuking gutted!
  10. How do you appeal against it ? ive been told i couldnt
  11. Need to take the letter you have received to the doctor and get his opinion and hopefully get him to write you a letter to the army.

    On my letter it says 'You have the right to appeal this decision' ... so Im not sure if it doesnt say you can.
  12. I've never gone to the doctor about this so it won't be on my med records, i'm going to have to just trying and waggle my way through, i have spoken to a girl that told me she has one and has passed selection with no bother at all, so fingers crossed i will too....... :-S
  13. Go for it fella

    Not quite the same but I got deferred because of asthma and successfully appealed. Get your GP to write a letter but i also wrote a letter myself informing them of the sport/fitness training i participate in and explaining that it has no adverse effects. Might be worth you doing something similar.

    Good luck anyway
  14. There's no automatic right to appeal on the grounds of "The doctor's a cnut and I don't like his decision" however there are grounds to appeal if the decision was made on incomplete, incorrect or outdated evidence; for example, if you believe your diagnosis was incorrect or your circumstances change then you have grounds.

    The doctor doesn't have all that much room for flexibility, as he has to apply the standards set in JSP 346 (which is on here and which you should read the relevant parts of). Appeals go to a board for further consideration.