Deferred entry: Stress

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by nikita, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi, earlier this year i applied for the army. But i got a deferred entry until Jan 09 because of "stress".
    When i went to the doctor i never once mentioned that i was stressed, yet he gave me a sick note (which i did not want & never used!!!!) and put on my medical record that i was suffering from stress!
    Jan is coming around quickly and i am worried that because of this sick note (even though the army said i could re-apply in the new year) that it may hinder my chances in getting into the corps that i want, let alone the army itself! I have been training for this all year, and wanting nothing else for a long time. Just want to know if anyone thinks it will prevent me from joining the army? If it does can i appeal? Prove that i was still working when i was suffering from "stress"? Also have a clean medical record apart from this. Thanks
  2. I'm a little torn here, part of me understands why the Army is cautious about things like this but the other part just ask's "why?" we're understrength across the board and we defer potential recruits for things like stress.

    Surely the med board don't expect everyone to be immune from everything, a good friend of mine is a physio and he told me a few weeks back about a referal to an NHS Physio from someone joining the Army, they refered him because when listening to his knee joint (through one of those daft things they listen to your chest with, can't remember the name now) there was a feint clicking - it was met by laughter in the department because he was physically in perfect condition and really fit to boot, aparently everyone has a feint clicking in their knee when you listen to it through one of those things.

  3. And I forgot to add, I hope your question gets answered! I don't know the answer unfortunately, apologies for raiding your thread!

  4. It's called a stethoscope ...
  5. Ha your ok! It annoyed me when i got the letter back though (saying i had been deferred because of "stress") because i am in perfect health! I have had 1 day off in two years. And that was to go to a funeral!! Not bloody stress!!!
  6. Okay I'll admit, I knew what it was called I just had no idea how to spell it.

    Many thanks!
  7. Hey! Don't get stressed!!!
  8. Haha!! I shall try not too. If i do won't be going to the doctors. Probs say i have depression next! Tsk
  9. Reading this it just seems like a good idea to tell your doctor you feel great....