deferred at the recurting office overweight help!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by baldy_fudge_packer, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. Just need a bit of advice......
    I signed up for the Para reg in may and was told I had to lose 25kg to make rsc, so fair enough I have been training ma self to death lost 18kg and at that time I could do my mile and a half in under 10.30 so one of the recruiting sergeants said I was ready to do selection (to join his reg in the LI but not Para reg 9.18min) and the weight doesn’t matter. Just one thing concerning me is will I get deferred for been overweight at rsc? (Next week)

    I suspect they just don’t want me to join Para reg (I might be wrong) and it seems they have been delaying my application by losing paperwork ect and making me turn up to the recruiting office only to find out I wasn’t needed there also I get bombarded by why the LI are better and basically saying the Para reg is a waste of time. Any help and advice please!!!
  2. Less pies more press ups
  3. Ok i aint in the Army so dont take my advice. I am waiting to do my selection. (Selection is were you pick your role you are going to do in the Army) To join the paras you need a time of around 9:30. So when you do your run again at Selection you would have to get a time less than that or they will offer you another role that you have selected (The job Breifs)

    I think....
  4. yep thats right i got run time down to 9.30 got 12 secons to knock that of then im sorted
  5. Keep training, and keep losing the poundage.

    If YOU really want to be a Para, then if they offer you something else stick to your guns. Even though you will probably have to go away and come back faster.

    On the flip side, you can be Para trained in other capbadges.

    Is the Infantry or nothing or could you see doing something else?
  6. The recruiter is probably trying it on, if your BMI is good eough for RSC, providing your fitness is there then go for Para Regt.

    As well as the run, you have to do 10 chin ups which you will find difficult if you are a bit heavy.

    The bottom line is if you are determined to go Para Regt, stick to your guns and accept an RSC deferral rather than take another job in the hope that you can either transfer later or do all arms P Coy. Use the deferral to work on your fitness and remember, the recruiter is under pressure by his regimemental bosses to get the numbers into HIS regiment, he is looking after his career, not your interests.

    If you want to go Para Regt, this is the first test of your determination, if you fold and do what others want, ... well were you suitable material in the first place?
  7. This is very true, my mate and I had the same recruiter, my mate chose the recruiters regiment, i didn't. He was like his best mate, now my mates in Basic and the recruiter couldn't care less
  8. Realyl useful contribution.

    Dropping 18kgs is a tremendous achievement mate, well done, you must really want it.

    Sadly, the forces still rely on using your BMI to guage suitability to train, as worthless as it is.

    What height/weight are you now mate? How quickly did you lose the weight? If you lost weight very quickly, chances are you will have lost a lot of strength too.
  9. True, it is all about BMI. There were two guys on my selection deffered for being over weight. They didnt look to overweight to me but there BMI was too high apparentlly. Keep working at it pal, itll happen eventually if you want it.
  10. Do they still offer the incentive where you get £250 if you recruit somebody into your capbadge?
  11. I think there still is an incentive (not sure of the amount) amazing_lobster
  12. Hmm.
    Ask for a larger parachute OR

    Get running and when your knees give out (as they will if you dont use proper shoes) start cycling. keep going dont stop when you think that you have done enough cos you havent. when you get knackered there is always something left.

    Keep at it beast yourself enough and when you finally get in it wont seem as bad to you as it does to others. You may then make it.

    Nothing that is worthwhile is ever easy
  13. Many potentially good soldiers are getting turned away because of the BMI scale. I spoke with a training sgt at RSC last month and he was deeply disheartened at seeing decent recruits binned because of the BMI scale.
  14. What happened to the old fashioned way of beasting them until they dropped to assess their suitability?

    I've always been a bit on the chubby side, but still managed a decent fitness level. I have been known to get 8min BFTs (the old 1.5 mile warm up one too).

    I probably wouldn't have got in if it had been on the BMI.
  15. Just got selection dates this morning i go on 9th oct so 9 days to get down from 97kg to 91kg.

    If anyone can tell me the correct bmi for me my height is 189cm large build age 17. At first i had to get to 90kg then 88kg and now been told 91kg so i cant be shure whats right or wrong as a few mistakes have been made before.

    At the end of the day all i can do i get stomping over the hills for 9 days asap! but if anyone can tell me my corect bmi or how to get it that would be very helpfull.