I went for selection on the 24th of july but due to a muck up i got deferred until september. all the other lad that got deferred got a brown envolope but i didnt. i still havent heard anything. is the normal?
Contact your ACIO and ask when you can go back again. You should be told why you were defered. If it was fitness it will allow you more time to train.. The brown envelope could have been for his GP for medical referral for example.
Ive been to my ACIO and only got got to speak to the receptionist. they were not much help and the said that i have to wait for glencorse to contact me, but surely it doesnt take over a month to contact me and sen me a letter. i know why i was deferred and i would be fine with it if i knew wheni could go back, but i dont. and to top things of im being made redundant on the 7th of september :(
what was you deffered for?
i tried to snowboard in march and ended up breaking my shoulder. i wasnt suppose to go for selection until september anyway but somebody cocked up and said i could go in july. i know i will pass the fitness tests because i can do more than the required bits at the gym.
when did you break your shoulder? and when did you intially apply to the army?
it was early march. and i applied about 3 months ago not 100% sure though. i have to wait 6 motnhs since i did it which makes it september like i said
you should of bin defered at application process... if they looked at your medical records.. strange
I hope the time period doesnt apply to you as it's a real kick in the teeth to hear it but i would assume the deferment was due to your shoulder fracture - i have been deferred on this basis for 12 months, though i broke my foot at work, so this would be a different situation come basic training as opposed to a shoulder break. best check directly with the senior medical officer or one of his team - i dont have the address to hand, but i know its in ATR Pirbright - ask the recruitment office for details.
Best of luck and hopefully see you there!
i was deffered until september as that will be 6months after i broke said shoulder. i was told by the senior medical officer at glencorse that i was being deffered until september when i would need to go back asap, if that makes sense :S however i still havent heard anything from either glencorse or my ACIO. and as septmber is only a week away im getting a bit edgy that i havent heard anything yet
i second the slowness!! the problem is i cant realy afford not to have a job. if i knew roughly what date i was going for selection and then potentially training, so i dont know if it is worth getting a job. if i do then with my luck ill get the letter through and only be working for a couple of weeks. grr :(
Hmm.. personally I have a bit of a wait ahead of me, albeit it's not very long, untill I actually try to join ;).

Personally, if I was in your shoes, i'd get a job, and try not to get too involved if you know what I mean, and possibly just work the minimum you have to, and let them know that you'll be leaving pretty soon. That way you'll have some cash and you'll be ready to quickly leave the job somehow, unless it's with the police they aren't really gonna hunt you down :p
haha no not the police. it will be tescos. just annoyed im being made redundant from my current job because it would have been much easier to leave!! i just cant wait until i do eventually get in!! when are you starting then mate?

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