Today i got that dredded deferral letter. i broke my hand in august, (apparantly my right 5th metacarpal bone). So thats kinda reasoning for it. and i can understand why. My deferral date is for february 2007.

So im just wondering wat the hell do i do now?? am i just goin to get deffered again? becoz that letter i got didnt sound too convincing. Any one got any advice
If they said February matey as long as you get the all clear then there should be no probs!! I'm not an expert on it but if you didnt stand a chance they wouldnt have said it would they?

February will come round sooner than you think!! (unless you're on tour)
Not bad, got a reply quiker than i thought, new to this s**t you see.

cheers for reply Ronnie

so that means i gota endure another few month of friggin sixth form. im clueless to wat i should do about that aswell. every ones telling me to stay on until i find out wats going on with army, but i no im guna quit so im just plodding along and doin meaningless work for no bloody reason.
well i run about 10 miles a week with a mate of mine, but i need to increase my upper body strength definatly.

isit a definate join the gym then?
Not really, circuits are especially good for upper body increases stamina and endurance! WHat are you doing at college? If I were you I wouldnt give it up just yet just in case then you would have to end up repeating a year, on the other hand if you do get in in Feb, winner, you havent really lost anything. Plus it would probably keep your folks happy.
Make your you have a letter from your GP saying there is nothing wrong with your hand when you go back to army office in feb. They will send letter off to medical staff then they will then say he is now fit for service.
thanks for your adivce, i've got an appointment at the radiology clinic for an x-ray which will be sent to the them to show my hands fine

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