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I recieved a letter last year deffering my application till february 2007. On the letter it says that I will have to fill ib a 3 month diary and send down to the medical wing. Does this mean i now have to re-apply or do I just fill in the 3 month plan and send it down.
Ring the careers office, get in touch with your recruiter (if they're still there!) he/she will know the correct procedure and will set you straight. Good Luck.

Cheers Easy!
i suffered a small fracture in my hand in november while i was awaiting my re-application because of deferral. should i inform them because if i do, i will be delayed even longer.

Did you go to hospital about it?? If you did it will be on your med records and they will already know about it!! If you honestly think that the injury is fairly minor and won't affect your ability to attend the selection centre, then I would keep quiet about it and see how it goes. If you are in pain or the injury is impeding you, don't fool yourself by trying to tough it out, get it seen to and apply for the next selection date. Good Luck.

Cheers Easy!
yeah i went the hospital. Just going to have to write a letter explaining the situation as Hopefully they will be alright. I can still lift weights and support my body with it. Might just get GP to send a letter saying I still have full use..

Cheers for the help

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