Deferral from army, can i apply to RAF?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DaPs, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone.

    As you might already know, i've been deferred from the army until december 2009.

    I was wondering whether i could apply for the RAF, or would it be passed across that i've been deferred from the army?


  2. What were you deffered for?
  3. Theres a good chance if it was on medical grounds then you will find they will defer you for the same thing.

    As to filling in an application form, Im pretty sure it asks you if you have ever applied in the past, or have an application pending with another section of the Armed forces, be it NAVY, RAF or ARMY, lie on that and they find out, your buggered.
  4. If you give different information, or lie as it is often known, and you get caught, you'll not get into anything.
  5. Medical standards are the same for all three services. Joint Service Pamphlet 346 and all that...
  6. Why on this good earth would you want to? A wait of 11 months is a small price to pay when weighed against the shame and loathing that you will inflict upon yourself, your family and friends for joining the RAF.
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  7. Joined in Gloucester in the shared careers office june 80 went to RAF side not taking on till March 81.Crossed the floor joined within the week, Sutton Coalfield early September, greatful to the RAF ever since.
  8. Hello,

    i was also defered fromt he army on medical grounds; i even tryied joining the TA but i was still defered until march 2010.

    i decided to try and apply for the RAF i was susscefully and im going in febuary 15th, so the answer to your question is yes you can and you've also got more chance of getting in, well i did!

    if anything theres no harm in trying.

  9. Glad to see the "One Army" concept's working somewhere.
    The Junior service staffed up with army rejects - who'd have thought it.
  10. Damn it, BK, you got there first...

    Who'd want to join the CrabAir minority? Or even admit to 'uncertainty' on this site. Get a grip DaPs, and go green.
  11. to be honest though, i wish i was joining the army, i just want to join the service, thats why i tryied a few times, but they kepp knockin me bk for medical grounds!
  12. I am in the same boat as you got deferred for the british army till sep 2013 because of minor eczema on my medical records. I am going to apply for the raf and was looking for advice before i start my application , could you tell me if i should liar on my application where it ask if i have had a application for the armed forces before, what did you put down on your application i need advice i want to get in bad. Respond asap thank you.
  13. No.
  14. What should i do then advice.
  15. Be honest.
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