I have just had a call from my recruiter and my medical forms have been defered, but i can re-apply. At this stage I don't know how long for. He said it was because of three reasons but untill I get my letter i don't know what they are. The only thing I have on there is:
1. Depressrion entry:- feb 2007 (family death)
2. Broken thumb:- dec 2007 (was back playing rugby in feb)
3. Hernia removed:- 1999 (never had any problems)

Would i be able to appeal and how long do people think it will be defered, im worried as im 29. Thanks
Didn't your recruiter have a quick nose through your RG8 and warn you beforehand that some of the things mentioned might cause problems? As for your question, I'm not sure, I thought you just had to be med/injury free for 3 years before applying.
I thought that the depression entry was iffy, but i included a letter signed by my doctor explaining the family death. The recruiter didn't have a look. Im just confused as to the other reasons, guess i have to wait for letter.
Just had a call from my recruiter and he said to appeal and i should be ok, as i have only been temperally deferred, which he said must be for minor reasons and he see's it every day. All i need to do is get a letter from my doctor clarifying the reasons are ok then i should be in. Im hoping that is the case, as i would be over the moon.

I will keep you all posted.
I know, they are sealled when they are sent. He knew the problems i had as i discussed them with him before hand.

Thanks for your positive vibes fella.
I got Deffered today! :(

fucked my run up i pulled my back was in pain all the way round.

6months i gotta wait
Damn if it wasnt for the Depression you would have been sent to ADSC and on your medical those other problems would have been adressed i.e checked your thumb movement, hernia test on abs etc sorry mate, Ive been deferred too for stupid excema have to go take this form to my GP and and my future is in his hands.
I can't beleive that, 6 months just because of that, you would think the least they would do is say come back on the nxt assessment.

sorry fella.
Just got my letter back on saturday, and i've been defered untill August. Im well chuffed :D , i was going to appeal now, but i dmaged my knee at rugby on saturday which will need time to heal and my recruiter explained that i wont need to do any paper work of medical forms again, all that will happen is that they will give me a date to go to selection in aug.

get in. :party:

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