Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Thuggerz, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. dont quote me on this, but i think deliberate self harm is a bar to entry mate.

    not sure where you stand on appealing.. go to and chat to someone online about it, they'll have the answers for ya.
  2. I hope it's not a bar on entry since i really wanted to join the army.
  3. This is a message from the online army careers office: I am sorry but we are not able to answer medical questions. The best way to get an answer is to write a letter giving details of any medical problem and take it in a sealed envelope to your local Army careers office. The recruiters there can then send it to the SO2 MED or the RSC Medical Officer for an answer.
  4. Hi all, Can anyone tell me what i can do to prove to the army that i'm psyically fit and mentally fit? I'm going to appeal so your info would help

  5. first of all

    were you deferred... or deemed unsuitable for army service on medical grounds??

    if you were deferred you would have been given a time when you can re-apply

    because they said you can't appeal, and you havent said anything about a deferral period, i dont think they'll accept you on medical grounds mate.

    the best thing to do is go down the AFCO with ya letter... they know a lot more than most on here.
  6. your competing against the standards of entry - the PULHHEEMS pamphlet.

    This advices medical personnel as to what is allowed and not allowed to pass as fit to join.

    As Chris says - defer means 'go away for a prescribed period of time and re-apply'

    If you have failed your medical - then its a 'sorry, thank you for your enquiry, but No!)

    Self harm indicates mental health problems (illness or poor coping etc) and this, in the PULHHEEMS pamphlet is a bar to entry - even if many years have passed since you hurt yourself.

    if you cannot cope with the pressures in life - the army is definately not the place for you - the increase in demands and stress may just be too much for you to handle
  7. by simply wearing a long sleeved shirt! 8O
  8. Boy has just applied to join, sat his BARB test yesterday in fact. On the "Application Form Information and Guidance Booklet" he was given, which I have in front of me, it doesn't list self harm under the unsuitable conditions which make someone permanently unsuitable for entry into the Services.

    So hopefully you have in fact been deferred and can re-apply in a while.

    Good luck :)
  9. Why dont you just go back in the Careers office and ask if you have been deferred surely they can find out for you!!
  10. That all said, is it really a good move joining up? The army has a way of getting that kind of behaviour out of perfectly healthy people. An inherrent weakness isnt gonna do you any favours.

    I know a bloke who got in despite it, but he did get discharged later for MH problems.
  11. gentlemen, I refer to my previous reply!
  12. Any history of self harm is reason for rejection or deferral. The Dr at selection will base the decision on the information provided by your GP. If you have been deferred the letter you get from the ADSC may give a time frame in which you can re apply. If not I suggest that you try again in 6 – 9 months.

    The Online team are not allowed to give medical responses as they are not qualified medics. The above is from past experience with dealing with this problem. And because this is not an official Army site.
  13. It's easy if you give yourself a lobotomy :D