Defer AFPS preserved pension?

Is it possible to defer payment of your preserved pension beyond the date it was due i.e. due to receive it at 60 but delay until 65? If you did, what would be the effect on the eventual pension payment? Is it similar to the SP scheme?

Doesn't apply to me, but someone was asking 'what if' on FB.

Forces Pension Society

An AFPS 75 or 05 has no deferment rule. So, if you do not claim it, you do not get a specific factor of enhancement for doing so. AFPS 75/05 pension which are not claimed simply carry on increasing by CPI.

AFPS 15 does have a deferment factor. If you do not claim at the right point, the deferment factor is applied to the pension that would have been payable at deferred pension age.

Does that help?
Sorry, never noticed I had a reply. Thanks for taking the time to do so. Yes, makes sense, and was as I thought, wasn't aware of the 15 rules as I left just before it came in. Now I'll have to find the thread on FB where it was being discussed!

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